Distributed active testing & troubleshooting
for IP voice, video and data

Experience the freedom of software.

Dedicated hardware probes are expensive and lack portability, and are poorly suited for evolving virtualized networks. DVQattest's pure software test agents allow almost any network device - virtual or physical - to be an active probe, providing end-to-end performance testing at minimal cost.

  • Compact software test agents for Linux, Windows, Android
  • Runs in virtualized environments (SDN/NFV)
  • Deploys on standard servers/PCs at key points in the network
  • Embeds directly into network infrastructure - routers, switches, STBs, CPE
  • Run tests to/from mobile user handsets and tablets

Test and troubleshoot where you want, when you want.

DVQattest's software test agents are always at the ready, running unobtrusively as background tasks (Windows/Android service or Linux daemon).

  • Test end-to-end across network core, edge, branch offices, remote sites, customer premises
  • Troubleshoot VoIP, video, data performance to/between mobile users
  • Test availability and response time for Web, email, DNS, DHCP servers
  • Run tests from agent to agent (including active APP hardware probes) or agent to SIP device, e.g. an IP phone

A test solution you won't outgrow.

As networks expand to new frontiers, DVQattest is ready.

  • Manage hundreds of distributed test agents with one controller application
  • Scale outward at any time by deploying additional agents
  • Scale up performance by adding system resources (CPU/memory) to agent host platform
  • Easily add new features and capabilities (e.g. number of concurrent tests per agent) using license keys

Why take chances with network performance?

Deploying new services and applications on an existing data network can cause unpredictable behavior, performance dips, instability or worse. For a smooth launch with no surprises, use DVQattest to identify and eliminate potential problems beforehand.

  • Generate high numbers of voice and video test calls (soak testing)
  • Assess voice/video performance and impact on existing infrastructure
  • Measure point-to-point throughput, packet loss, jitter, delay
  • Locate, diagnose and eliminate performance pitfalls

Send packets, not trucks.

DVQattest offers powerful remote troubleshooting and diagnostic tools to maintain top performance in networks of every type, size and scale.

  • Easily test between any two points - branch/remote offices, campuses, hospital or government sites, and more
  • Pinpoint the exact source of poor performance - core, aggregation, edge network, "last mile" / customer premises, etc.
  • Identify and troubleshoot a range of problems without deploying hardware probes or making costly service calls

Service assurance made simple.

Whether you're a service provider or a business customer, DVQattest's SLA tests provide an easy way to confirm that networks, services and applications are performing as they should.

  • Verify VoIP and videoconferencing service quality with automated test calls
  • Monitor server availability and response time - Web, Email, DHCP, DNS
  • Measure network path performance - bandwidth, packet loss, jitter, delay
  • Minimize financial impact by detecting and diagnosing problems early

Key Features in DVQattest 2.1

Distributed Test Agents for Windows, Linux and Android

DVQattest's pure software test agents can run on standard PC/server hardware, routers and other network equipment, mobile devices and virtual machines.

In-Depth Quality Testing for IP Voice and Video Services

Agents make test calls with a broad range of voice / video codecs and payloads, using integrated VQmon® to analyze media and SIP signaling performance.

Easy Automated and On-Demand Testing

Agents can generate from single tests up to hundreds of concurrent tests, on a configured schedule or on the fly.

Fast Network Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting

Advanced per-hop path testing measures packet loss, jitter and delay, and identifies many common problems including access link congestion and low bandwidth.

Sophisticated Application Peformance Testing

Agents can perform a wide range of server transactions to quickly test the availability and performance of Web, Email, DNS and DHCP services.

View and Analyze Test Results Immediately in SQmediator®

Telchemy's active/passive performance management application provides an intuitive web user interface for fast drill-down into critical diagnostic information.

Voice over IP Testing

DVQattest's software test agents make it easy to check VoIP performance any time, anywhere by placing scheduled or on-demand test calls between any two points in the network. DVQattest accurately simulates VoIP calls with a wide range of voice codecs and payloads, providing real-time performance feedback including MOS scores, SIP signaling analysis and deep diagnostics that cut straight to the source of call quality problems.

IP Video Testing

Using DVQattest, you can easily test and troubleshoot the performance of streaming video, IPTV or IP videoconferencing delivered to any point in your network, including customer premises and mobile users. Test agents simulate a broad range of video formats including 4K/Ultra HD, and provide immediate QoE scores, performance data and signaling metrics for both on-demand and scheduled tests.

Network Application & Service Testing

DVQattest performs a range of server transactions to test the availability, functionality and response time of Web, Email, DNS and DHCP servers. Easily measure and troubleshoot network performance with path diagnostic tests to any target IP address, or run peer-to-peer agent tests to quickly detect and diagnose impairments like packet loss, jitter and delay between any two points.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DVQattest?
DVQattest is a pure software test application that uses distributed software agents to test and troubleshoot the performance of VoIP, IP video, and network applications and services.
What kinds of tests does DVQattest support?
DVQattest generates test VoIP and video conferencing calls with a range of codecs, payload types and video formats, using integrated VQmon technology to measure voice and video stream quality, signaling performance and overall network health in real time. Additional tests can assess the performance and functionality of network applications and services such as web, email, DHCP and DNS, and identify and diagnose network transport impairments such as packet loss, jitter and delay.
Do I need special hardware to run DVQattest?
No. DVQattest Agents are pure software applications for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Android environments and are not tied to any proprietary vendor platform.
Where can I install test agents?
DVQattest Agents can run on VMs, servers, PCs, and mobile devices, and can be embedded directly into set-top boxes, routers, CPE and other networking equipment. Wherever they are deployed, test agents run unobtrusively in the background, ready to execute tests on command.
How many agents do I need?
Depending on the network size and scope, you may need anywhere from a small number of test agents up to hundreds or (in very large networks) thousands. There are no restrictions on the number of agents you can install; however, each agent must have a valid license key in order to be used. Using DVQattest's pool licensing option, you can install as many agents as you like, anywhere you like, and use a certain number of agents at any one time.
How do I run tests?
Typically, SQmediator is used as the controller application for DVQattest Agents. In the SQmediator Reporter web user interface, you can easily configure test plans, execute tests and view test results in real time. As an alternative, test agents can interface with third-party management systems via a web services API, or managed using a standalone GUI application that runs on most OS platforms.
What kind of metrics and diagnostics does DVQattest provide?
DVQattest reports an extensive set of metrics including Mean Opinion Scores reflecting user QoE for voice, video and audio tests, detailed network performance measurements (packet loss, jitter, delay, bandwidth), SIP signaling information, server availability and response time, and more. For a full list of metrics provided by DVQattest for each test type, please contact us.
If I only need some features, do I need to buy everything?
No! Like many Telchemy products, DVQattest is modular software designed to let you choose the features and capabilities you need. Support for any combination of VoIP, video conferencing and network testing can be easily enabled or modified on any DVQattest Agent simply by applying software license keys.
Can I use DVQattest for call quality monitoring?
DVQattest is an active monitoring solution designed to generate and analyze the performance of test calls. You can easily configure DVQattest to simulate test calls like the ones in your network (i.e. with the same codec, payload type, video resolution and frame rate, etc.), but to monitor the performance of live calls you will need a passive monitoring tool such as Telchemy's SQprobe. DVQattest and SQprobe are complementary products designed for use with SQmediator as a comprehensive, end-to-end active/passive monitoring solution.
What about future scalability?
DVQattest is a distributed application and is inherently scalable. To expand the testing footprint, just deploy additional test agents. Agent capabilities, including the number of tests each agent can run concurrently, can be easily modified or increased using license keys.
Is there a hardware version of DVQattest?
Yes. Telchemy now offers purpose-built network appliances preloaded with DVQattest Agent software. For more information, please contact us.

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