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Telchemy is the world's leading provider of real-time analytics software for VoIP, IPTV, IP Videoconferencing and 3G/4G Mobile end-to-end QoE management. Our next generation performance management solutions implement a highly scalable distributed architecture using software probes or agents integrated directly into network equipment, CPE and handsets, providing accurate, real-time service quality monitoring and providing the service quality management layer for the emerging SDN.

Telchemy's SQmediator is a highly scalable performance management system designed to support the real-time collection of reports from large numbers of performance monitoring agents, located in mobile handsets, IP phones and other devices, using Telchemy's Agent Management Framework™ and standard protocols such as RFC6035. Telchemy's VQmon is the most widely used VoIP & IPTV performance analysis technology, deployed in over 100 million IP phones, residential gateways, routers, SBCs, probes, analyzers and other network equipment.


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Ixia provides the industry's most comprehensive converged IP network validation and network visibility solutions.

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