Analytics for the
Internet of Things

Analytics for the Internet of Things

Billions of "things" are joining the online world. Maintain control over chaos with Telchemy software solutions.

IoT is quickly transforming the idea of a "network," bringing connectivity to an endless array of intelligent devices, appliances and other physical objects. Telchemy's agent-based monitoring, data correlation and analytics reporting technologies are poised to play a key role in the expanding Internet of Things.

Sensor Data Reporting

IoT implies large numbers of sensors, monitoring anything from temperature to stress levels in concrete structures. Telchemy's unique management architecture is designed for networks in which massive numbers of agents (or sensors) produce locally measured analytics on a frequent basis and send reports to SQmediator® for correlation, thresholding and reporting.

IoT Monitoring

Many IoT applications use sensors that send input to actuators, providing a local control loop. It is important to measure the effectiveness of the (potentially large number of) local control loops; Telchemy's management architecture supports the real time collection of data from a massive number of such sensors and provides correlation, reporting, anomaly detection and trend analysis.

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