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Telchemy Joins Juniper Networks' Open IP Solution Development Program (OSDP)

Global leader in IPTV and Voice over IP Performance Management Technology Joins Open IP Solution Development Program

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 29, 2009 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced that Telchemy® Incorporated, the global leader in IPTV and Voice over IP performance management technology, has joined the Juniper Networks Open IP Solution Development Program (OSDP). As a member of the OSDP, Juniper Networks provides Telchemy with access to the Partner Solution Development Platform (PSDP) that enables customers and partners to develop specialized applications on its best-in-class JUNOS® software.

Telchemy is using the PSDP to integrate its voice and IP services monitoring, measurement and analysis technology with Juniper Networks JUNOS software, for deployment on M Series Multiservice Routers and MX Series Ethernet Services Routers. As announced separately today, the integrated Telchemy embedded Performance Monitor (TePM) application will provide network, session and application layer monitoring for a wide variety of IP voice and data services. TePM will comprehensively support a wide variety of pre-deployment and post-deployment operations activities related to service roll-out, health monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Delivering these capabilities from within the routing infrastructure will enable customers to efficiently ensure quality IP Service delivery at scale while reducing the cost and complexity associated with deploying standalone monitoring or measurement appliances.

"The TePM application is based on Telchemy's DVQattest active test product line, and provides a sophisticated tool for network and service performance monitoring and troubleshooting." said Dr Alan Clark, CEO of Telchemy. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Juniper as part of their OSDP program and have found that the resources and support provided by Juniper expedite the process of integrating our technology onto JUNOS and provide access to the powerful hardware resources available in Juniper Routers."

An advanced active test agent, TePM generates synthetic VoIP traffic with SIP signaling and synthetic network application transactions for DHCP, DNS, HTTP, POP/SMTP testing. The TePM also performs IP network and path testing to locate and diagnose network problems. TePM is based on DVQattest and incorporates Telchemy's market leading VQmon technology. VQmon technology measures the performance of synthetic multimedia streams, and is interoperable with standards based SIP phones, gateways and with Telchemy DVQattest agents that run on PC platforms or can be embedded in other devices. DVQattest is a compact, powerful active test agent able to run on a wide range of hardware and software platforms from residential customer premise equipment to high performance systems such as Juniper Routers.

Telchemy leveraged the Juniper Networks PSDP to integrate TePM with JUNOS. The PSDP provides resources, including a software development kit (SDK) for carrier grade routing platforms with intelligent and secure interfaces to JUNOS routing and service functions, and technical and business support. As a member of the OSDP program, ISV partners use the PSDP to integrate their applications with JUNOS so that they run directly on Juniper routers resulting in enhanced performance, simplified network infrastructure, and a greater opportunity for collaboration and the development of unique capabilities.

"The PSDP enables Juniper to leverage both internal and external expertise and resources to rapidly bring new services and applications to market - this is a key competitive advantage for Juniper, and it provides tremendous value for our customers," said Craig Bardenheuer, vice president of Open IP Business, Juniper Networks. "We are very pleased to be working with Telchemy to bring their IP and VoIP performance management into our JUNOS application set. This will be a powerful addition to our Intelligent Services Edge portfolio and will help customers improve the performance and efficiency of multimedia service delivery."

The inherent security and stability of JUNOS software, combined with its modular architecture and single-source code, provides a proven foundation for delivering best-in-class performance, with an attractive total cost of ownership. With continuous systems availability, intelligence and automated operations efficiency, JUNOS software offers providers a unique view of the services and network availability their customers require, which helps them to deliver an enhanced user experience.