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Zeugma Licenses Telchemy's VQmon for IPTV / VoIP QoE Performance Monitoring

Allows broadband service providers to ensure subscriber quality of experience (QOE) for VOIP and IP video services

SEPTEMBER 9, 2008, VANCOUVER, BC - Zeugma Systems, a privately held supplier of open telecommunications solutions, today announced the addition of Telchemy's quality of experience (QOE) monitoring tools to the Zeugma Open Application Sandbox (OAS). The Zeugma OAS, a protected application environment running on an extensible compute grid directly within the Zeugma Services Node (ZSN), facilitates rapid development of new services and integration of third-party applications. Telchemy's VQmon applications provide broadband service providers (BSPs) with robust mechanisms for monitoring QOE on VOIP, internet video, IPTV, and video on demand (VOD) traffic.

According to Sig Luft, Zeugma founder and CTO, "There is clearly increased interest among BSPs in quality of service (QOS)-specific 'channels' on top of basic high-speed internet access - channels capable of delivering internet video, VOD, IPTV, and VOIP service quality commensurate with subscriber expectations. Paramount to allowing BSPs to generate sustained revenue from these service channels is the insurance of subscriber QOE. Network platforms, such as the ZSN, delivering QOS channels must also monitor and enforce QOE in order to afford BSPs a complete solution. Telchemy's VQmon technology is well-accepted, robust, and accurate, providing our customers with essential data on the quality of their services."

Telchemy's VQmon efficiently analyzes multiple VOIP and IP video streams, producing real-time mean opinion scores (MOS) and detailed diagnostic data. VQmon/HD analyzes IP video streams, providing video MOS, I/B/P frame statistics, content related metrics, and other essential data for every IPTV or VOD stream. VQmon/SA monitors VOIP calls and produces listening and conversational quality MOS and R-factor scores. Aggregation of CPE-reported metrics through the media path using RTCP XR (RFC 3611) is also supported. VQmon/HD and VQmon/SA are marketed as components of the Zeugma QOE Monitor application.

Added Alan Clark, Telchemy president and CEO, "Zeugma is the first to see the benefit in tightly coupling robust quality monitoring tools with a high-performance broadband aggregation, routing, and subscriber management device. It not only provides real-time, non-intrusive visibility into critical subscriber services, it also opens the door to automatically taking corrective action when network anomalies occur. For example, increasing bandwidth associated with a video stream when the mean opinion score (MOS) drops below a certain threshold."

The Zeugma QOE Monitor makes use of the extensive deep session inspection (DSI) and compute grid resources available on the ZSN. The compute grid provides a federated set of compute resources that can be added to over time as network demands scale. The compute grid also provides a redundant environment to ensure high network availability.

The Zeugma QOE Monitor is available now. Contact Zeugma for pricing information.

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