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Telchemy Announces SQmediator Symphony - an Advanced Performance Management Application Suite for VoIP and Videoconferencing Services

Scales Efficiently From Small Enterprise Through Tier One Service Providers, Supports Both Passive Monitoring and Active Test

DULUTH, Ga., March 19, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telchemy Incorporated, the leading provider of VoIP and IP Video performance management technology, today announced SQmediator Symphony. SQmediator enables proactive management of multi-vendor unified communications networks, collecting real time QoE (Quality of Experience) metrics from IP phones and media gateways, and from Telchemy's wide range of embedded active test and passive monitoring agents.

The SQmediator Symphony suite of products ranges from the high performance SQmediator Service Provider Edition, with multi-service and multi-customer support that scales to meet the needs of tier one service providers, to the Enterprise Edition, which meets the needs of large multi-location businesses and Government, and the Business Editions, targeted at smaller single location organizations.

SQmediator provides the key features needed for managing the quality of Enterprise, Hosted PBX, IP Centrex, mobile and other critical services. SQmediator correlates and reports data by both service and customer location, providing near real-time visibility of user perceived quality and rapid problem identification. Service-specific quality thresholds can be defined for both Fault (warning and critical) and SLA management, and threshold violations trigger SNMP and Email alerts. The SQmediator Service Provider Edition supports the definition of multiple Services of the same type, each with its own distinct set of performance thresholds, which supports multiple tiers of service or customer specific SLA's.

The intuitive browser-based user interface provides dashboards for each Service and for each Customer and Location, highlighting problems related to signaling or media at specific customers or locations. Network administrators can drill down to specific problem calls by clicking on interactive charts or running searches by IP address, Call ID or URI. SQmediator is designed to be easy to use and require a minimal level of technical knowledge.

SQmediator collects performance data from a wide range of devices and systems, supporting both the industry standard RFC6035 IP phone QoE reporting protocol and Telchemy's secure Agent Management Framework. Telchemy's embedded software SQprobe application, SQlive mobile handset agent and DVQattest active test agent all interoperate seamlessly with SQmediator, providing a comprehensive active test and passive monitoring capability.

This advanced OSS product suite has in-depth security with role-based user access control, the ability to limit user access to specific customers, locations and functions, secure HTTP access, configurable password complexity rules, user interface hardening, security audit logging, administration role separation, encryption of sensitive data within the database and many other features. It has a modular architecture that scales to support Enterprise locations with under 1000 IP phones through to large-scale operators with millions of endpoints. Key components can be replicated to add capacity and fault tolerance, using an N+1 load sharing/ resilience model. SQmediator has been designed to be an easily managed application, with automatic aging of data and integrated performance monitoring.

For more information about SQmediator, click here.