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BlueNote Networks Announces Partnership with Telchemy

Offering Provides BlueNote Customers with Integrated Call Monitoring

Tewksbury, MA - April 16, 2007 - BlueNote Networks, the leading provider of Business Communications Platforms for delivering real-time interactive communications as services in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), today announced that it has entered into a technology partnership with Telchemy,® Incorporated, the global leader in Voice and Video over IP performance management technology, to embed Telchemy's VQmon/SA into BlueNote SessionSuite® Enterprise and SOA Editions. This intelligent software offering allows network administrators to monitor the quality of individual calls, aggregate data to determine overall quality of the network, and then implement changes to enhance the quality of service for users.

"As we deliver solutions that integrate real-time communication services with business-critical applications, it is particularly important that we offer the highest possible quality of voice in our SessionSuite products," said Michael Regan, vice president of engineering for BlueNote. "With Telchemy's rich history of measuring voice quality over IP networks, we believe this partnership is a big step forward in giving our customers a significant competitive edge."

Unlike competitive offerings that require hardware add-ons, BlueNote SessionSuite solutions, including the embedded Telchemy monitoring technology, are all software-based and allow customers to monitor their networks and receive the call quality data they require - with less test equipment.

Telchemy VQmon/SA, the most widely used and deployed Voice over IP (VoIP) analysis technology, is designed to efficiently analyze parallel packet voice streams and produce listening and call quality estimates, known as Mean Opinion Scores (MOS), which rate a call from the user perspective. One of the features of BlueNote Networks' SessionSuite solutions is Session Detail Records (SDRs), which allow administrators to review call details and export the data for business functions such as billing. Under the new partnership, these SDRs will include a MOS score so that network administrators can quickly and quantitatively evaluate the quality of service they are providing to users for each leg of a call. Having an accurate quality assessment will enable administrators to take appropriate action to troubleshoot and improve individual call and overall network quality.

"Our VQmon/SA product will allow BlueNote's customers to automatically monitor live calls in a non-intrusive manner and proactively test calls for on-demand troubleshooting," said Dr. Alan Clark, CEO of Telchemy. "In providing them with these tools, BlueNote is demonstrating to its customers that it understands what they need to keep ahead of the game, and is committed to partnering with companies like ours to deliver best-in-class solutions."

BlueNote's SessionSuite product family integrates real-time interactive communications with business applications and processes to help improve productivity, collaboration and business agility. Designed for scalability, resiliency and ease of management, SessionSuite comprises an open modular software architecture which can be incrementally deployed alongside existing PBX systems to complement and modernize without operational disruptions. BlueNote's Web development model shortens the time for organizations to create communications-enabled business applications by combining IP telephony and applications through re-usable, telephony-abstracted Web services, lowering developmental costs and risks.

The integrated Telchemy feature is available in SessionSuite Enterprise and SOA Editions immediately, at no additional charge.