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Telchemy Launches Distributed Active Test Application for VoIP, IP Videoconferencing, HD Telepresence

DVQattest/EN provides pre-deployment network assessment, SLA monitoring and troubleshooting for Voice and Video services on Enterprise networks

DULUTH, GA, December 13, 2006 - Telchemy,® Incorporated, the global leader in Voice and Video over IP performance management technology, announced the release of DVQattest/EN a powerful active test tool for Voice over IP, IP Videoconferencing and HD telepresence service assurance. DVQattest/EN uses Telchemy's market leading VQmon technology to provide network assessment, pre-deployment testing, SLA monitoring and advanced network troubleshooting for enterprise networks.

DVQattest/EN comprises a powerful software agent that can generate 200 concurrent VoIP streams, 20 concurrent high definition 1080p simulated IP video streams and a range of network diagnostic tests, with an intuitive interactive application for configuration and reporting. The DVQattest agent is highly advanced, yet compact enough to be integrated directly into network equipment.

In pre-deployment test mode, DVQattest generates VoIP and IP Video streams that closely match actual traffic, which ensures that test results are representative of conditions expected after deployment. In SLA monitoring mode, DVQattest generates occasional test calls that have minimal effect on the network but allow accurate measurement of service levels. For network troubleshooting, DVQattest generates short active test sequences that help to diagnose typical Ethernet, switch and router problems.

"DVQattest/EN is ideal for today's Enterprise looking to take advantage of new IP-based voice and video services," said Alan Clark, Telchemy's CEO and President. "This new tool meets the immediate need for VoIP deployments, and supports emerging technologies such as HD telepresence and IP Videoconferencing."

Telchemy's VQmon/SA-VM video analysis technology reports TVQM video quality metrics, including MOS-V, MOS-AV, I/ P/ B frame statistics and other diagnostic data. It monitors the quality of IP video streams, which can be unidirectional or bidirectional, with programmable image size, frame rate, GoP structure and codec type. For VoIP, DVQattest/EN uses Telchemy's VQmon/SA technology to analyze and report listening and conversational quality MOS scores and a wide range of diagnostic data.

DVQattest/EN is available as software for license to OEMs and network equipment vendors.