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Telchemy Launches New Release of VQmon/SA-VM Video Performance Monitoring Software

VQmon/SA-VM Release 2.2 includes new TVQM video quality metrics

DULUTH, Ga. - October 10, 2006 - Telchemy, Incorporated, the global leader in Voice and Video over IP fault and performance management technology, today announced the availability of VQmon/SA-VM Release 2.2, providing a scaleable, compact, efficient solution for IPTV and IP Videoconferencing performance monitoring. Leading test equipment and network equipment vendors use VQmon/SA-VM for IPTV performance analysis.

VQmon/SA-VM 2.2 now reports the new TVQM™ - Telchemy Video Quality Metrics, which combines transport quality, video stream quality and perceptual quality metrics, giving a clear view of performance at key protocol layers. VQmon/SA-VM is ideal for integration into IP Set Top Boxes, Residential Gateways, IPTV probes and analyzers, and a wide range of core network and customer premise equipment.

TVQM Transport Quality Metrics include Packet Loss and Discard Rate, Burst/Gap Statistics, FEC Effectiveness, TR 101 290 MPEG Transport Metrics and both Jitter. TVQM Video Stream Metrics include I, B, P frames received, I, B, P frames impaired, Group of Picture structure, and Video codec type, bit rate and frame size.

TVQM Perceptual Quality Metrics include Video Service Transmission Quality (VSTQ), Video MOS, Audio MOS, Audio-Video MOS, and PSNR. MOS scores are calculated using Telchemy's patented perceptual models, which accurately represent the impact of time varying impairments on user perceived quality.

"Telchemy is continuing to stay at the leading edge of IPTV and VoIP performance management." said Alan Clark, Telchemy's CEO and President. "VQmon/SA-VM with TVQM gives service providers an unrivalled level of real time visibility into IPTV performance and Enterprise network administrators the ability to manage IP based videoconferencing services."

Telchemy's products provide real-time visibility of service quality for both VoIP and IPTV performance. VQmon is a multi-platform, multi-vendor technology for measuring the quality of Voice and Video over IP and providing diagnostic data for problem resolution. VQmon/SA for VoIP and VQmon/SA-VM for IPTV provide the core analysis function for analyzers, and probes, and also are used for traffic analysis and SLA monitoring in routers. VQmon/EP is integrated into IP Phones and Gateways, providing real time feedback on call quality to network management systems and call management systems.