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Telchemy Introduces New VoIP and IPTV Test Tools for Residential Triple Play Market

New DVQattest technology addresses critical deployment issues for residential service providers

DULUTH, Ga. - August 16, 2006 - Telchemy, Incorporated, the global leader in Voice and Video over IP fault and performance management technology, today announced the release of the DVQattest/RE active test system, giving service providers essential visibility into service quality problems for the fast growing residential VoIP and IPTV market. DVQattest/RE has already been supplied to a leading residential service provider for use in testing and characterizing the performance of VoIP over DSL and Cable access services.

DVQattest/RE comprises high performance server software capable of generating high call volumes and collecting performance data, lightweight downloadable agents and DVQattest Reporter - an interactive Java based user interface. Agents can be downloaded onto subscriber PCs or other customer premise equipment and interact with the network-based server to measure the quality of bidirectional VoIP test calls or network originated IPTV test streams. VoIP/IPTV performance information is gathered during each call or video session and reported to the DVQattest Reporter application.

VoIP performance information generated by DVQattest/RE includes listening and conversational quality MOS scores and R factors, essential data on transient congestion related IP problems, advanced jitter metrics, route information and network diagnostic data that can help with root cause analysis. IPTV performance information includes Audio, Video and Audio-Video (Multimedia) MOS scores, video transmission quality metrics, RTP and MPEG transport metrics.

DVQattest/RE is complementary to Telchemy's VQmon passive monitoring technology that can be integrated into soft clients, IP Set Top Boxes or residential gateways. VQmon non-intrusively monitors live VoIP and IPTV streams and provides real-time QoE/QoS feedback and network diagnostic data to service providers.

"Our new DVQattest/RE technology will be extremely helpful for service providers facing the challenge of delivering high quality triple play services to their residential customers," said Alan Clark, Telchemy's CEO and President. "This technology can be used during early experimental trials, to support subscriber pre-signup testing, for continued service level monitoring and for on-demand troubleshooting."

Telchemy's track record of technology innovation provides it a strong leadership position in the VoIP and IPTV performance management market. Over 70 equipment manufacturers have integrated Telchemy's VQmon performance monitoring software into almost 100 different product lines with over four million units of VQmon licensed. VQmon has been very widely adopted within the test and measurement industry, and is used by over twenty-five VoIP and IPTV test equipment manufacturers.

DVQattest technology for Voice over IP services is available immediately to OEMs and IPTV support will be available in September 2006.