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Telchemy Awarded Two New Patents on VoIP and IPTV Performance Management

Expands technology and market leadership in rapidly growing real-time IP Communications performance management market

DULUTH, Ga. - July 26, 2006 - Telchemy, Incorporated, the global leader in Voice and Video over IP fault and performance management technology, today announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the Company two additional patents for their VoIP and IPTV performance monitoring and analysis technology. These patents strengthen Telchemy's technology leadership position in the VoIP and IPTV performance management space.

These two new patents both embrace service quality monitoring systems that estimate subjective quality, also known as Quality of Experience (QoE) for Voice over IP, IPTV and Videoconferencing services. The algorithms described in these patents provide more accurate and stable performance metrics in the presence of time varying and transient impairments.

US patent 7,075,981, titled "Dynamic Quality of Service Monitor," covers VoIP and IPTV performance monitoring systems that represent the effects of the relative temporal location of transmission impairments on user perceived quality.

"Per-Call Quality of Service Monitor for Multimedia Communications System," US patent 7,058,048, covers VoIP and IPTV performance monitoring systems that measure call quality at discrete time intervals and combine these to form overall perceptual quality scores for each call.

Telchemy's track record of technology innovation provides it a strong market leadership position in VoIP and IPTV performance management. Over 70 equipment manufacturers have integrated Telchemy's VQmon IP performance monitoring software into almost 100 different product lines with over four million units of VQmon licensed. VQmon has been very widely adopted within the test and measurement industry, and is used by over twenty-five VoIP test equipment and seven IPTV test equipment manufacturers.

"Telchemy continues to grow and innovate in this rapidly expanding marketplace," said Alan Clark, Telchemy's CEO and President. "These new patents illustrate our commitment to keeping our products on the leading edge of IP communications technology."

Telchemy's products provide real-time visibility of service quality for both VoIP and IPTV performance. VQmon is a multi-platform, multi-vendor technology for measuring the quality of Voice and Video over IP and providing diagnostic data for problem resolution. VQmon/SA for VoIP and VQmon/SA-VM for IPTV provide the core analysis function for analyzers, and probes, and also are used for traffic analysis and SLA monitoring in routers. VQmon/EP is integrated into IP Phones and Gateways, providing real time feedback on call quality to network management systems and call management systems.