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Ditech Integrates VQmon into Products targeted at Wireless Applications

With VQM™ Performance Monitoring, Wireless Carriers Can Target Sources of Quality Impairments with a Measurement Tool that Enables Continuous Visibility into Actual Customer Calling Experience

April 5, 2006 - At CTIA, Las Vegas - Ditech Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: DITC), a leader in voice processing solutions for wireless networks, announced the addition of VQM™ integrated voice quality management to its VQA™ suite of quality improvement features designed for wireless networks. Available on Ditech's BVP flex and QVP voice processing platforms, VQM will enable GSM and CDMA service providers to continuously monitor the actual calling experience of subscribers and diagnose voice quality issues that affect customer satisfaction.

"Customer expectations of their wireless service have risen dramatically. Studies such as the JD Power mobile network survey show that voice quality has become a clear differentiator for mobile service providers. At the same time, the proliferation of handsfree kits and VoIP are introducing quality impairments that are outside the control of the wireless carrier's network, but for which wireless carriers are blamed," said Tim Montgomery, Ditech's president and CEO. "With VQM, carriers have remarkable visibility into actual call quality, enabling them to turn the customer call experience into a key network performance indicator."

Ditech's VQM solution introduces the ability to measure a comprehensive range of voice quality impairments including echo, background noise and speech level on every call in the network. Similar to Ditech's Packet Voice Processor, VQM on Ditech's mobile voice processing platforms also provides perceptual quality scores for each call using Telchemy\'s VQmon(TM) technology, an extended form of the ITU-T G.107 E-model. Overall, VQM provides operators with a concise and trusted metric that makes it possible to consistently manage the customer experience across the entire network.

About Ditech Communications

Ditech Communications Corporation is a global telecommunications equipment supplier for communications networks. Ditech Communications' voice processing products serve the needs of mobile and wire-line operators for circuit and packet based networks. Ditech products include high-capacity voice enhancement and echo canceller solutions that utilize advanced software and digital signal processor (DSP) technology. This combination of software and hardware allows Ditech Communications to deliver Voice Quality Assurance™ (VQA™), a robust and cost-effective solution for voice enhancement that includes both noise reduction and echo cancellation to provide improved sound quality on calls made over wireless networks. Ditech Communications' VoIP products combine VQA technology with packet voice processing and security capabilities to enable carriers to deploy end-to-end VoIP services across network security boundaries without requiring network re-architecting. Ditech Communications (DITC) is listed on the Nasdaq National Market and is headquartered in Mountain View, California (web site: