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Ditech Selects Telchemy for Integrated VoIP Performance Monitoring

Integrates VQmon/EP into Packet Voice Processor to enable deployment of scaleable, carrier-grade VoIP services

San Jose, CA - March 15, 2006 - At Spring VON 2006, Telchemy,® Incorporated, the global leader in VoIP fault and performance management technology, announced that Ditech Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DITC), has integrated VQmon/EP™ VoIP performance monitoring technology into its Packet Voice Processor™ voice processing platform. VQmon/EP will help Ditech Communications enable carriers to deploy scaleable, carrier-grade VoIP services.

Ditech Communications will incorporate Telchemy's market leading VoIP call quality monitoring technology to offer carriers robust real-time monitoring and voice quality measurement of voice channels across the network. With Telchemy's technology, Packet Voice Processor will enable carriers to ensure total voice quality, recognize and identify network related call quality problems, and provide advanced reporting for network planning and customer SLAs.

VQmon/EP detects packet loss and jitter buffer discard events, utilizes key speech information from DSP software and produces call quality scores and diagnostic data. VQmon is based on the ITU E Model with many extensions to improve accuracy under time varying network conditions, wideband codecs, orthogonal impairments and signal related parameters. Network operators and system administrators use Telchemy's VQmon technology to detect, monitor and resolve call quality and network related problems for networked multi-media services, including Voice and Video over IP and to support active QoS control applications such as call admission control.

"Telchemy's VQmon enables us to deliver an unprecedented voice quality management capability on our Packet Voice Processor," said Dr. Chalan Aras, Vice President of Marketing at Ditech Communications. "VQmon's ability to go beyond packet statistics to integrate actual speech measurements into the ITU E Model to estimate a more accurate voice quality measurement will enable service providers using the Packet Voice Processor to truly understand the subscriber experience and deliver the best VoIP service".

Designed to address the voice quality and interoperability problems of the VoIP network, Ditech's Packet Voice Processor is integrated with a comprehensive set of voice processing features that ensure consistently good voice quality while maximizing carrier service offerings. Ditech's codec transcoding feature provides support for a broad class of voice codec transcoding, while unique voice quality enhancement capabilities ensure high quality VoIP service delivery with best-in-class scalability and density. The advanced voice processing architecture of the Packet Voice Processor supports nearly 50,000 transcoding sessions per rack with very low delay.

"Telchemy and Ditech both share a strong commitment to delivering the highest quality VoIP calls," said Alan Clark, President and CEO of Telchemy, Incorporated. "Integrating VQmon/EP into Ditech's voice processing platform helps it meet the high expectations of its carrier customers."

VQmon generates listening and conversational quality MOS scores and R factors and a wide range of diagnostic data, making these available through an API as raw metrics, RTCP XR and SIP QoS Report payloads. VQmon is the first VoIP Performance Management software to support the new VoIP management protocols, providing the essential metrics for the International Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 3611 (RTCP XR) media path reporting protocol and QoS reporting protocols for SIP, H.323, MGCP, Megaco and PacketCable.