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Telchemy Goes Mobile: Introduces VoIP / Videoconferencing Performance Monitoring Agents for Android

Enables Service Providers to measure the quality of mobile Video and VoIP services

Duluth, GA, 8th August 2011 - Telchemy Incorporated, the leading provider of VoIP and IP Video performance management technology, today announced SQlive for Android, an agent for mobile handsets that measures the user perceived quality of standards based VoIP and Videoconferencing services and DVQattest for Android, an active test agent for mobile handsets. Both SQlive and DVQattest report MOS scores and a wide range of diagnostic data, giving service providers near real time visibility of service quality.

SQlive measures the user Quality of Experience (QoE) of live VoIP and Videoconferencing services running over the 3G/4G data connection of mobile handsets. SQlive uses Telchemy's VQmon advanced performance measurement algorithms to calculate MOS scores; VQmon computes estimated Video and Audio MOS from key parameters such as the codec type, bandwidth, packet loss, loss distribution, jitter, delay and elements of content, using an advanced perceptual algorithm that models the impact of time varying quality on subjective opinion. SQlive uses a small fraction of the available processing power and memory of a typical smartphone and is able to run non-intrusively, monitoring the performance of any IP/UDP/RTP based voice, audio or video streams running to or from mobile applications installed on the handset.

DVQattest for Android generates synthetic VoIP and Videoconferencing calls, as well as HTTP, POP3 and SMTP test transactions, over the 3G/4G data connection of a mobile handset. The DVQattest Agent is managed from a central DVQattest Controller, which can schedule tests or request tests on demand. This provides a highly controllable distributed mobile test platform that is ideal for automated assessment of network performance.

Telchemy was recently awarded US Patent 7869377 which complements these two new products. This patent relates to the integration of perceptual quality measurement for packet voice, audio and video services into mobile handsets, set top boxes, video decoders and user interfaces.

SQlive and DVQattest for Android are available to service providers, infrastructure equipment and handset vendors for evaluation and trial.