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Telchemy Introduces Active VoIP Test Products

New VQattest technology suitable for direct integration into network infrastructure, gateways and IP Phones and SQattest active test appliance.

SUWANEE, GA, May 26, 2005 - Telchemy,® Incorporated, the global leader in Voice over IP (VoIP) Fault and Performance Management technology, has introduced a new range of active test products based on its market leading VQmon® technology. As VQmon is widely used in IP phones and media gateways this means that active test measurements will be highly consistent with results from actual equipment. The combination of VQmon and VQattest/SQattest supports an active/passive test infrastructure that address all the key needs of VoIP service providers and major enterprise network managers. These powerful new active test products include:-

VQattest(TM) - a compact but sophisticated software agent that can be embedded into IP endpoints and network infrastructure devices to support pre-deployment testing, SLA monitoring and problem diagnosis. VQattest generates multiple simultaneous test VoIP calls to other VQattest agents or IP endpoints and measures the quality of these calls using Telchemy's powerful VQmon/SA VoIP analysis technology. VQattest generates RTP streams with voice payloads and incorporates RTCP SR, RR and XR reporting.

SQattest(TM) - is an active test appliance able to run hundreds of simultaneous active tests. SQattest can be either used with VQattest agents or other compatible IP phones and gateways. SQattest is also able to upload test applets to PC clients via a web interface, which is ideal for on-demand troubleshooting or for residential broadband service applications. SQattest uses VQattest technology to generate and terminate VoIP calls and provides a rich set of diagnostic data.

"Leading testing companies, service providers and enterprises have incorporated VQmon performance management technology in their products and networks," said Alan Clark, CEO of Telchemy. "The introduction of Telchemy's VQmon based active test technology will broaden the range of active test products available to the industry and create a new opportunity for active testing to be directly integrated into IP endpoints."

Network operators and system administrators use Telchemy's VQmon technology to detect, monitor and resolve call quality and network related problems for networked multi-media services, including Voice and Video over IP, IP Centrex, 3G Cellular, Voice over WLAN, and streaming audio/video. VQmon provides listening and conversational call quality metrics in both R factor and MOS formats as well as detailed diagnostic information, giving network managers both high level metrics and the ability to drill down to identify specific problems.

VQattest is available from 1st June 2005 and SIP signaling support will be added by 31st July 2005. SQattest is expected to be available in September 2005.