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snom Teams with Telchemy to Provide Integrated VoIP Performance Management Capability

snom Teams with Telchemy to Provide an Integrated VoIP Performance and Management Capability for Enterprise Network Managers, snom product portfolio achieves certification as tested and interoperable for deployment with Telchemy's VoIP management technologies

Woburn, MA and Duluth, GA (April 11, 2011) - snom technology AG, a leading developer of IP desktop phones and IP communications software, and Telchemy Inc., a leading provider of voice and video over IP performance management technologies, announced today that, after a battery of tests, snom's full portfolio of IP phones and endpoints has been approved as interoperable with Telchemy's award-winning DVQattest® and SQmediator® performance management products.

The combination of Telchemy's DVQattest and SQmediator applications and snom's IP desktop phones provides network managers, enterprises and end users with a full suite of pre-deployment and in-call performance management tools for business VoIP networks, allowing for faster and more efficient deployments and troubleshooting.

"Service providers and enterprise network managers need an efficient way to manage end to end VoIP call quality and rapidly detect and diagnose problems. snom's support for SIP based VoIP performance reporting when used with Telchemy's VoIP performance management applications provides real time visibility of service quality and the ability to troubleshoot problems affecting the user experience. We are pleased to work with snom to provide solutions that will enable our customers to cost-effectively provide reliable and quality VoIP services," said Alan Clark, CEO and President of Telchemy.

Telchemy's SQmediator is an advanced VoIP performance management application that collects, correlates, analyzes, and displays call quality reports received from a wide range of endpoints, such as snom desktop phones, the snom MeetingPoint conference phone or the snom m9 wireless DECT phone. DVQattest is a scalable, cost-effective application for both pre-deployment testing and proactive service level monitoring of enterprise VoIP and IP video networks, allowing users to actively monitor networks and troubleshoot VoIP problems.

"Quality of service is obviously a crucial factor in any VoIP deployment, and while we think our phones offer the best sound quality available, that quality depends on the enterprise network on which the phones are operating," said Mike Storella, COO of snom. "Telchemy offers some of the most effective tools in the industry for assuring the best possible transport quality, and we are very pleased that our respective products work so well together."

snom's suite of VoIP phones includes advanced IP phones such as the snom 3xx series, full-color touchscreen desktop phones such as the snom 870, wireless DECT phones such as the m9 and related endpoints, such as the MeetingPoint conference phone. All built with open SIP firmware allowing for simple installation, industry-wide interoperability and crystal-clear sound quality. As unified communications systems have proliferated, the advanced technology and open standards in every snom product has proven to be an ideal combination for providing enterprises with cost-effective and feature-rich IP telephony.