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Telchemy and Opticom Form Strategic Alliance to Advance IP Call Quality and Performance Management

Boston, MA, USA - 18. October 2004, Telchemy,® Incorporated, the global leader in real-time VoIP Performance Management software, and OPTICOM GmbH, the leading vendor for perceptual voice quality testing technology, today announced a strategic partnership to advance IP call quality and performance management across real-time multimedia services worldwide. The two companies will collaborate on developing and marketing future call quality and performance management technologies as well as ensure interoperability and ease of integration between their respective product lines.

"The objective of our new partnership is to increase the availability of standards-based management, test and measurement tools in the field of Voice over IP call quality," explained Alan Clark, President and CEO of Telchemy, Incorporated. "OPTICOM and Telchemy will be able to take both technical and marketing advantage of each other's core technologies for the benefit of our respective customers, and ultimately, the end consumer."

OPTICOM's core strength lies in intrusively analyzing and measuring call quality based on an interpretation of the perceivable difference of voice signals at the end points of packet networks. In comparison, Telchemy's core strength is based on passively analyzing and measuring voice quality based on the effects of time-varying IP impairments and the perceptual effects of time-varying call quality. The cooperation between the two companies provides a "complete" synergistic audio analysis and measurement solution applicable not only to VoIP, but also the emerging real-time multimedia services.

"We find it most exciting being able to leverage our general, perceptual-based signal analysis with Telchemy's complementary parameter based analysis of the IP network," said Michael Keyhl, President and CEO of OPTICOM GmbH. "With 3SQM we can improve end-to-end quality by effectively adding an 'eye opener' to the IP network infrastructure, which can suddenly sense and react to call impairments originating from outside the IP cloud, like from a mobile in converged networks."


With PSQM, PESQ and PEAQ, OPTICOM GmbH, the pioneer in perceptual quality testing has been providing three international world-class standards for voice and audio quality measurement since its foundation 1995. With their new single-sided speech quality measure 3SQM™, a joint development with partners, the perceptual experts from Germany now presented their fourth ITU standard. Recognized an industry reference, OPTICOM's OPERA voice/audio quality test tools are available to users world wide. And while specialized on OEM customers in particular, the directory of OEM licensees today reads like the 'Who-is-Who' of the Telecoms industry. OPTICOM is a privately held company located in Erlangen, Germany. Visit