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Sunrise Integrates Telchemy's VQmon VoIP Performance Management Software into Service Verification Equipment

Partnership Provides QoS Solutions To PSTN and Leading-Edge Broadband Network and Service Providers For Integrated Communication Test Solutions

SUWANEE, Ga, June 16, 2004 - Telchemy® Incorporated, the global leader in real-time VoIP Performance Management software, today announced that Sunrise® Telecom Pro.Tel Division of Sunrise Telecom Incorporated, the global leader in Telecommunication Service Verification Equipment, has licensed Telchemy's VQmon® call quality monitoring and analysis software for use with several of Sunrise's major VoIP test verification products.

Specifically, Sunrise will feature VQmon call quality monitoring and analysis functionality in the following products:

  • NeTracker- This network analyzer tests, simulates, monitors, and analyzes protocols when PSTN and IP-based networks converge. NeTracker tests and monitors services deployed over traditional PCM transmission, Analog POTS, ATM, and LAN networks.
  • 3GMaster -- This ultimate protocol analyzer provides testing capabilities for installation and commissioning, network troubleshooting and maintenance, billing verification and QoS analysis for 2G, 2,5, and 3G cellular and wireless networks.
  • STT™ -- This scalable next generation testing platform was designed to meet the challenges associated with the design, installation and maintenance of core, transport, metro and access networks, services and devices by covering VoIP, PSTN, and 3G technologies.

VQmon provides fast, accurate, real-time analysis of VoIP calls, generating call quality metrics, including: listening and conversational quality scores and detailed diagnostic information on the severity and distribution of packet loss, discards and jitter. VQmon is the first standards-based call quality monitoring software to support the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 3611 (RTCP XR) Protocol and the new QoS reporting protocols for International Telecommunications Union's H.323, H.248 and G.799.1 standards.

"Sunrise Telecom is helping to pave the way for increased adoption of VoIP across real-time multimedia services," said Alan Clark, President and CEO of Telchemy. "With VQmon embedded in their testing equipment, Sunrise is providing sophisticated, standards-based call quality and performance management for tomorrow's multi-service marketplace."

About Sunrise Telecom Pro.Tel Division

Sunrise Telecom Pro.Tel Division, part of Sunrise Telecom Incorporated, is committed in designing Test Equipment and System for Protocol Analysis and Testing. Sunrise Telecom Incorporated manufactures and markets service verification equipment to pre-qualify, verify, and diagnose telecommunications, cable TV, and Internet networks. Sunrise Telecom's products offer broad functionality, leading-edge technology, and compact size to test the variety of new broadband services. These include wireline access, including DSL; fiber optics; cable TV; cable modem; and signaling networks. The products are designed to maximize technicians' effectiveness in the field and to provide realistic network simulations for equipment manufacturers to test their products. The company was founded in 1991 and is based in San Jose, California. Sunrise Telecom distributes its products through a network of sales representatives, distributors and a direct sales force throughout six continents. For more information, visit the company's website at