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Telchemy's New VQmon/EP 2.1 Supports Emerging Standards-based VoIP Management Framework

VQmon/EP 2.1 Software Supports RFC3611 and QoS Reporting Requirements for G.799.1, H.323 and Megaco

SUWANEE, Georgia - June 7, 2004 -- Telchemy® Incorporated, the global leader in VoIP performance management technology, today announced VQmon®/EP (End Point) Release 2.1 which provides integrated call quality monitoring and reporting for IP phones and media/trunking gateways. As more service providers and enterprises deploy VoIP, real-time performance monitoring becomes critical for reliable service operation. VQmon/EP 2.1 supports RFC3611 (RTCP XR) and QOS reporting requirements for IP phones and gateways -- including the new G.799.1 trunking gateway standard.

Other key features of VQmon/EP Release 2.1 include:

  • full extended E model (G.107 with TS 101 329-5 Annex E)
  • real-time alert generation
  • support for jitter buffers that discard fractional packets
  • dynamic configuration for VQmon-based probes, including Telchemy's new SQprobe™.

VQmon/EP 2.1 will be available July 31, 2004.

About VQmon/EP

A member of Telchemy's VQmon family of software performance management products, VQmon/EP is used in IP endpoints, such as IP phones and media/trunking gateways, to monitor the quality of live calls and provide the call quality and diagnostic metrics needed to support management protocols and problem diagnosis. VQmon/EP supports real-time thresholding, generates and interprets RTCP XR payloads and provides the metrics for signaling-based QoS reports. The software is fast, efficient, scalable and highly portable which minimizes costly implementation time and reduces time to market. VQmon is fully compatible with VQmon®/SA (Stream Analysis) and a wide range of VoIP test equipment.