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Inet Integrates Telchemy's VQmon VoIP Performance Management Software into Spectra 2 Diagnostics Product

Partnership Provides Network Managers With Leading Edge Passive Testing Capabilities For VoIP Networks

ATLANTA, GA (April 5, 2004) - Telchemy, Inc., the global leader in real time Voice over IP Performance Management software, today announced that Inet Technologies, Inc., has licensed Telchemy's VQmonTM call quality monitoring and analysis software for use in Inet's Spectra2TM VoIP diagnostics product.

VQmon provides fast, accurate, real-time analysis of VoIP calls, generating call quality metrics, including listening and conversational quality scores, and detailed diagnostic information on the severity and distribution of packet loss, discards and jitter. VQmon is the first call quality monitoring software to support the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Standard RFC 3611 and to enhance QoS reporting protocols for International Telecommunication Union's H.323 and H.248 and IETF's SIP Standards.

"We designed VQmon specifically with the end user in mind, so that they can locate and diagnose call related problems quickly and accurately," said Alan Clark, President and CEO of Telchemy. "By embedding VQmon in Spectra2, Inet is enabling service providers and equipment manufacturers to verify the performance of key elements for next-generation VoIP networks."

Spectra2 is a comprehensive, fully integrated diagnostic testing solution for VoIP developers, carriers and equipment manufacturers. Spectra2 offers the ability to verify the performance of critical elements of next-generation networks such as media gateways, media gateway controllers, gatekeepers, and proxy servers, and to confirm delivery of the highest level of signaling and media quality.

"Telchemy's VQmon helped us achieve the passive voice quality testing capabilities that we wanted to offer our customers in our Spectra2 product," said Mike Reiman, vice president and chief technology officer of Inet. "We selected VQmon because it offers a rich set of capabilities that enhances our testing solution."

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