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ipNetFusion Announces RTP HYPERstream using VQmon

ipNetfusion announced today a major new test feature for VoIP networks. RTP HYPERstream can generate up to 20,000 streams of RTP traffic from just a single chassis of an EAST Test platform. RTP HYPERstream is now incorporated into all relevant VoIP Simulated nodes of EAST (the Environment for Automated System Test).

The hardware of the multi-chassis EAST platform has also been upgraded to further enhance the performance of RTP traffic generation for heavy load applications. EAST's NET-MG (Node Environment Tester - Media Gateways) will be the first EAST Tester to have the RTP HYPERstream feature with the enhanced hardware.

"The addition of RTP HYPERstream to the EAST IP test suite enables testing real-time media streams over IP trunks," says Al Geiger, Vice President of Marketing. "This now provides a complete simulation environment for testing Media Gateways and other VoIP nodes. The new analysis tools include traceability via RTP statistics and estimated MOS and R quality scores for every stream received, using Telchemy VQmon. EAST supports an extensive list of IP protocols required for VoIP testing including H.248, SIP, H.323, MGCP, NCS, COPS and DQOS."

Geiger adds, "The scaleability of EAST is unmatched in the industry. This enhancement enables scaling from 4,000 to 20,000 RTP streams with just one chassis. Multiple chassis can be configured. Now vendors and carriers can rely on EAST for the extensive performance required to test their Next Generation communication systems."

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