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Artiza Selects Telchemy's VQmon for VoIP Analyzer

Major Test and Measurement Company in Japan Selects VQmon/SA

ATLANTA, GA (November 20, 2002) - Telchemy, Inc., an industry leader in Voice and Video over IP (V2oIP) real-time Service "Quality-of-Experience" (QoE) monitoring, analysis and expert diagnostics, is pleased to announce that Artiza Networks of Japan, a leader in reliable and innovative protocol test and network management solutions for network equipment developers has selected VQmon/SA for its next-generation V2oIP test and management products. Artiza is a key player in VoIP market in Japan as evidenced by its agreements with NTT-AT and NTT ME to cooperate on construction, testing, evaluation and operation, etc. of VoIP systems for users. Macnica Networks, a recognized leader in intelligent technology services and product distribution, represent Telchemy in Japan.

The use IP Telephony has been growing rapidly in Japan and users have become very interested in obtaining objective measurements of the call quality offered by service providers. In response, the Japanese Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunication specified call quality measurement and reporting via the ITU standard "R-Factor". An R-Factor is an objective transmission quality rating that is based upon the degradation caused by network impairments, such as jitter (discards), delay, and packet loss. Telchemy's VQmon/EP and VQmon/SA are the only products that produce such an R-Factor for both conversational and listener call quality, making VQmon/EP and VQmon/SA attractive solutions for the Japanese market.

"We are very pleased that Artiza has recognized the high value of VQmon for VoIP quality test and measurement as VQmon meets the requirements set forth for the Japanese market", said Dr. Alan Clark, CEO and founder of Telchemy. "They have excellent standing in the Japanese test market and a prestigious customer base to bring the benefits of real time VoIP Quality of Experience management to," added Dr. Clark.

"After thoroughly evaluating Telchemy's VQmon/SA technology, we believe we have the right solution for our market," said Artiza President Takashi Tokonami. "VoIP call quality and Quality of Experience management are extremely important at this time as Japanese market for VoIP is expanding rapidly and objective measurement is important to build ever more confidence in VoIP services," Mr. Tokonami added. "We are also very pleased to have excellent local technical support through Macnica, which is of great value to us."

About Artiza Networks

Artiza Networks ( is a leading developer of protocol test and network management solutions in Japan. Established in December 1990 as Able Communication Inc., it became Artiza Networks in April 2001. Artiza develops protocol test solutions for a range of applications, including ATM and TDM signaling and IP and VoIP network testing. The company also provides WAN and IP network management solutions. Artiza's customers include NEC, Fujitsu, Oki Electric Industry, Sanyo, NTT Do Co Mo and Japan Telecom.