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NetSocket Partners with Telchemy, Incorporates Key Technology into its Service Visibility Point (SVP) Product

NetSocket has licensed Telchemy's VQmon software to help analyze the quality of voice and video media streams for Real-Time IP Service Assurance.

(PRWEB) August 31, 2010 – NetSocket (, the first real-time IP service assurance provider, has licensed Telchemy’s VQmon® voice and video analysis software and incorporated it into the Service Visibility Analyzer (SVA) component of the NetSocket Service Visibility Point™ (SVP) product.

The Telchemy software algorithms, which analyze the quality of voice and video media streams over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, provide crucial functionality for NetSocket’s radically new approach to ensuring the quality, availability and performance of real-time IP services such as voice-over-IP (VoIP), telepresence, video on demand (VoD) and unified communications.

“Telchemy’s algorithms, widely recognized as state of the art for the analysis of video and voice quality, feed accurate and highly ‘nutritious’ input to our Service Visibility Point product,” said Carey Parker, co-founder and vice president of marketing and products for NetSocket. “As a result, our customers gain instant confidence in the quality of insight we deliver into their real-time IP services.”

Telchemy’s algorithms provide NetSocket’s Session2Topology™ correlation engine with per-session media metrics, which join existing session and real-time IP network state information. This real-time correlation across previously disparate planes gives NetSocket customers unprecedented visibility into the video and voice communications services running over their IP networks, leading to simple and precise control over the quality of those services.

Why ‘Real-time’ IP Service Assurance is Key

“NetSocket is taking IP service assurance into the realm of real-time services such as VoIP and videoconferencing,” said Alan D. Clark, Ph.D., president and CEO of Telchemy. “NetSocket’s groundbreaking approach meets a significant market need, as more enterprises and other organizations run indispensable real-time voice and video services over IP networks.”

In communications worldwide, business-critical real-time voice and video services are increasingly being run over the same IP-based networks that carry Internet traffic. But these networks were never designed to carry real-time services with the reliability, quality and performance of dedicated circuit-based networks.

NetSocket’s Session2Topology correlation engine, acting like a Google Maps™-style information mashup, correlates information simultaneously from the network, media and application/service layers to provide insight and control not previously possible. With NetSocket, network operators can find and fix problems in a few mouse clicks, not hours or days; end users get the most from their real-time voice and video services; and organizations save costs in improved network operation, faster troubleshooting and reduced downtime.


About NetSocket USA

NetSocket is the first real-time IP service assurance provider, allowing the delivery of real-time IP services, such as voice and video communications, with a level of quality and reliability not previously possible. NetSocket's patented Session2Topology correlation engine coordinates previously disparate information from across the network, creating unique insights and enhancing real-time IP service control. As a result, network operators can quickly and preventively troubleshoot problems; end users experience superior performance and reliability; and organizations save costs and achieve improved business value. More information on NetSocket is available at