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Texas Instruments and Telchemy Announce Strategic Relationship to Enhance Call Quality in VoIP Networks

SUPERCOMM, ATLANTA (June 4, 2002) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) and Telchemy, Inc., a leader in embedded, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call quality modeling software and non-intrusive VoIP Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring and analysis, announced that they have agreed to integrate Telchemy's VQmon™ leading edge modeling technology with TI's industry leading Telogy SoftwareTM products. This integration provides powerful and sought after real-time VoIP quality and performance tracking capabilities that VoIP equipment manufacturers can simply "drop in" to their products.

By integrating Telchemy's sophisticated, time-varying-impairment/burst loss modeling technology with Telogy Software products, call quality information, such as burst packet loss, will be supplied to Telchemy's embedded VQmon/EP software. VQmon/EP then will provide a clear, simple, single number, call quality score. These scores, either as an "R-factor" or Mean Opinion Score (MOS), reflect the listening and conversational call quality as seen by the network as well as experienced by the end-user. Industry analysts have long noted that call quality visibility has been a major obstacle to the broad deployment of VoIP.

"It is vital for VoIP systems to immediately detect if call quality begins to degrade so real-time corrective action can be taken," said Will Strauss, president of Forward Concepts and principal author of, 'VoIP & Packet Voice DSP Markets.' "The integration of Telchemy's modeling software will enable TI customers to provide continuous high Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities -- a feature necessary to ensure the long term viability of packet telephony service."

As the leading supplier of VoIP silicon and software solutions worldwide, TI's solutions integrate field-hardened Telogy Software products with the real-time processing power of TMS320C5000TM digital signal processors (DSPs). With the most comprehensive range of features to enable customers to quickly develop and deploy their VoIP equipment, TI offers solutions for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) gateways, carrier-class gateways, voice over Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), voice over cable and enterprise IP phones.

"Considering our requirements for extremely lightweight, computationally efficient embedded applications, we were very impressed with Telchemy's technology," said Bill Simmelink, general manager for TI's VoIP business unit. "By incorporating the VQmon/EP modeling software into our products, TI is addressing the marketplace's demand for superior VoIP call quality in a cost effective, high performance and integrated way."

"TI recognizes the need to have a complete VoIP solution, and proactive call quality management which addresses both listener and conversational quality is a significant part of that," said Alan Clark, CEO and founder of Telchemy. "With the combined solution, VoIP equipment manufacturers receive not only a unique, standard-extending technology, but they also get a much simpler and higher performance implementation than would otherwise be possible."

VQmon/EP, a member of the VQmon family of embedded call quality monitoring software applications, also provides detailed trouble-shooting statistics for problem analysis and isolation. VQmon/EP is specifically designed to run in a variety of DSP and microprocessor environments in VoIP end-systems, such as media gateways, IP Phones, communications servers, and IP PBXs. VQmon technology provides a more accurate assessment of call-quality for "all" calls on the network in real time. It is the first technology to model the time-varying-impairments characteristic of IP networks and their effects on end-user perception.