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Telchemy's VQmon Selected by Brooktrout Technology

Brooktrout Technology Licenses Telchemy's powerful VoIP call quality monitoring technology for its VoIP Gateway platforms

ATLANTA (July 31, 2001) - Telchemy, Inc. announced today that VQmon/EP, a member of Telchemy's VQmonTM family of Voice over IP call quality monitoring products, has been selected by Brooktrout Technology for its TRxStreamTM Series voice over packet gateway platform. VQmon/EP will allow Brooktrout Technology's OEM system vendors - and their service provider customers - to offer monitoring and management of Voice over IP quality of service more accurately than previously possible, for all calls and in real time. VQmon is the only product that measures time-varying network impairments and recency, and then models their effects on network and end-user-perceived call quality.

Voice call quality measurement and corrective action are key enablers for the growth of VoIP. VQmon technology helps providers offer the maximum number of calls using the least amount of resource for a specified call quality level. Enterprise users can avail themselves of major capital and network management cost reductions while service providers can benefit from increased call duration, customer retention and customer satisfaction without over-provisioning their networks.

"Brooktrout's selection of VQmon for real-time, passive call quality monitoring is a significant win for Telchemy and represents a major milestone in our development and marketing plans," said Dr. Alan Clark, president and founder of Telchemy." As a leader in carrier-grade open systems technology, Brooktrout is keenly aware of VoIP equipment manufacturer, service provider and enterprise concerns about the predictability of VoIP call quality and its impact on continued growth in VoIP. With VQmon and its ability to monitor call quality for all calls in real time, Brooktrout has taken decisive steps to address the problem."

"We believe that the ability to ensure quality of service, through enforceable service level agreements, will trigger the next wave of growth in the voice over packet market," said Andrew O'Brien, Vice President and General Manager, New Public Networks Group, at Brooktrout Technology. "Incorporating Telchemy's VQmon technology into our platforms so that gateways can dynamically monitor and report call quality is the important and necessary first step Brooktrout is taking to enable our OEM customers to build systems that meet this need. This capability will help network operators understand and improve their services while reducing the cost of management and provisioning."

VQmon is a family of lightweight, computationally efficient, embedded voice quality monitors that can accurately monitor all calls made over Voice over IP networks in real-time. Written in C, VQmon is platform independent allowing easy integration into VoIP gateways and platforms, communications servers, IP phones, testers, analyzers, probes and other VoIP-related equipment and has negligible impact on DSP, host processor or system performance.

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