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Press Releases

Telchemy Ships Over 2 Million Units of VQmon 12/13/05
Radcom licenses Telchemy's VQmon for Voice and Video over IP Service Quality Monitoring 09/20/05
Telchemy Adds IPTV Performance Monitoring Support to VQmon Product Family 09/13/05
Telchemy Selected for Pulver 100 for Fourth Successive Year 09/07/05
Prominence Licenses Telchemy's VQmon for Active QoS Control 08/23/05
Acterna Licenses Telchemy's VoIP Performance Analysis Technology 06/21/05
Telchemy Introduces First Performance Monitoring Agent for Wireless and Voice over WiFi Handsets 06/01/05
Telchemy Introduces Active VoIP Test Products 05/26/05
Audiocodes Licenses Telchemy's VQmon 03/21/05
Texas Instruments Integrates Telchemy's VQmon into VoIP Chipsets 03/08/05
Telchemy Introduces Video Quality Monitoring module for VQmon Product Family 03/01/05
Acterna to Join Telchemy as a Co-sponsor of VoIP Troubleshooter Site 03/01/05
NexTone Integrates Telchemy's VQmon into Session Border Controllers 02/28/05

Conference Presentations

VoiceCon 2005 - Enterprise VoIP Management February 2005
Interop New York - VoIP Performance Management December 2005
Internet Telephony Fall 2005 - IPTV Deployment Tools October 2005
Internet Telephony Fall 2005 - VoIP Performance Management October 2005
Fall VoiceCon 2005 - VoIP Performance Management August 2005
Burton Group Catalyst Conference - SLA Monitoring July 2005
ISPCON 2005 - Delivering Reliable VoIP Services May 2005
Spring VON 2005 - VoIP Performance Management March 2005
VoiceCon 2005 - Enterprise VoIP Management February 2005

Articles and Events

TMCnet - Telchemy ships over two million VQmon VoIP analysis units December 2005
TMCnet - Tech Note: Voice Quality Measurement February 2005
Nikkei Asia - Telchemy teams up with Texas Instruments (Japanese language article) March 2005
TMCnet - Audiocodes licenses Telchemy's VQmon March 2005
VON Magazine - VON Spring 2005 - Quality but not QoS March 2005
Light Reading - Telchemy Enhances Video/ VoIP Analyzer March 2005
VON Magazine - Telchemy's software proliferates, advances May 2005
TMCnet - Telchemy Intro's Active VoIP Test Products May 2005
ZDnet - Russell Shaw - VoIP Performance Management Comes to the Handset June 2005
TMCnet - IPTV: Telchemy monitors video performance September 2005
TMCnet - Managing Wireless LANs and WiFi Services January 2005