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Performance Management
for Service Providers

Flexible, scalable solutions for a broad range of service providers.

Telchemy's real-time application performance monitoring provides solutions to a broad range of service provider problems,
ranging from managing Hosted PBX services to managing Residential Broadband VoIP and OTT Video Streaming.

Managing Hosted PBX Services with QoE-enabled Phones and Gateways

Telchemy's SQmediator® collects QoE reports directly from Business CPE, including IP phones and VoIP gateways, using the SIP RFC6035 protocol (which Telchemy co-authored). This data is correlated in real time and aggregated into per-customer, per-location and service-wide dashboards. SQmediator is secure, multi-user and multi-tenant, providing customers with direct access to dashboards displaying their own data. This powerful management system also supports multi-service operation, which enables the creation of distinct VoIP services with different performance thresholds.

Residential Broadband Services

Telchemy is the leading provider of embedded QoE agent software for residential broadband CPE with a massive presence of VQmon technology in cable modems and residential gateways. This enables the scalable SQmediator management system to collect reports on every call made or received by broadband VoIP subscribers, providing a wealth of diagnostic information to support both overall service quality optimization and fast detection and troubleshooting of individual subscriber calls.

Video Streaming Service Quality

Over half of the traffic on broadband networks is OTT video streaming. Telchemy's advanced analytics allow service providers to measure the quality of video streaming sessions and, uniquely, to analyze encrypted video streaming sessions carried over HTTPS. Telchemy's software is widely used for mobile drive testing to analyze video streamed over 4G LTE services.

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