Innovative software tools for real-time application monitoring, quality analysis and troubleshooting.

Telchemy provides scalable, cost-effective software solutions for monitoring and testing the performance
of IP-based video, voice and data services across a broad range of applications and network types.
Video Streaming Analytics

Video Streaming

With Telchemy software, you can monitor and analyze the performance of Ultra HD streaming video sessions in real time, even when content is encrypted.

SDN/NFV Solutions

Performance Management
in SDN, NFV and Cloud

Telchemy's true software performance monitoring and test solutions are uniquely designed for use in rapidly evolving software-defined and virtualized networks.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Network
Applications QoE

Telchemy integrated software for smartphones and tablets provides accurate user QoE scores and advanced diagnostics for mobile voice and video.

Unified Communications Solutions

Unified Communications QoE

Keep the lines of communication open with Telchemy software solutions for managing the performance of Enterprise voice, video and data applications.

Service Provider Solutions

Service Assurance
for Video and VoIP

Maintain consistent service levels and customer satisfaction with Telchemy monitoring and testing solutions for network, voice and video service providers.

Secure Communications

Manage Performance of
Secure Communications

Software solutions for managing the performance of encrypted communications in military, government and financial networks with high security requirements.

Internet of Things

Analytics for the
"Internet of Things"

IoT brings networking to a wide range of potential "things" ranging from everyday devices to sensors and actuators. Telchemy's management architecture is uniquely designed to handle massive numbers of devices, providing data correlation, reporting and action triggers.

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