Integrated performance monitoring software
for mobile devices, media players and STBs

Get the whole picture.

SQlive opens a window on the user experience with accurate, real-time QoE scores for every VoIP call and video session.

  • Mean Opinion Scores rate end user QoE from 1 (worst) to 5 (best)
  • Video, Audio and Audiovisual MOS (MOS-V, MOS-A, MOS-AV) for streaming video, IPTV and videoconferencing
  • Listening and Conversational Quality MOS (MOS-LQ, MOS-CQ) for VoIP calls

High performance, low profile.

Optimized and highly efficient, SQlive adds powerful integrated performance monitoring functionality to client devices without straining host platform resources.

  • Low per-stream processing overhead
  • Small footprint (typically under 500 Kbytes)
  • Ideal for use in mobile handset, media player, IPTV set-top box or home gateway

A "drop-in" software solution for monitoring performance.

SQlive is designed for straightforward installation on client devices and does not require extensive or complex configuration.

  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • Point 3

Applications that require access to the raw packet stream on mobile handsets, such as SQlive, must be run as root or as a user with elevated privileges, or can be preinstalled into the mobile phone software image by the handset manufacturer.

Never lose sight of mobile service quality.

SQlive measures voice and video performance from within the handset or tablet, providing the clearest and most accurate view of user quality of experience for each VoIP call and video session.

  • Supports widest range of codecs, including latest HD voice and Ultra HD video codecs
  • Video, Audio and Audiovisual QoE scores (MOS) for video calls and streamed video content
  • Listening and Conversational Quality MOS for VoIP calls
  • Detailed performance metrics - packet loss, jitter, delay, throughput, and more
  • Levels of detail, motion, panning; detects abnormal content (freezing, blank frames)
  • Playout buffer statistics for streaming video

Video quality monitoring where it counts most.

SQlive runs as a background application in streaming media players, Internet-ready TVs, home gateways and IPTV set-top boxes, measuring the quality of RTP and MPEG-2 Transport media streams in real time and reporting a comprehensive set of performance and diagnostic metrics back to service and content providers.

  • Supports widest range of codecs and video formats including 4K / Ultra HD
  • Video, Audio and Audiovisual QoE scores (MOS)
  • Detailed performance metrics - packet loss, jitter, delay, throughput, and more
  • Levels of detail, motion, panning; detects abnormal content (freezing, blank frames)
  • TR 101 290 Priority 1 and 2 metrics
  • Playout buffer statistics for streaming video

Track performance without cracking protection.

SQlive has the ability to extract quality information from encrypted video and voice streams without decoding, making it the ideal monitoring solution in environments where security, privacy rights, or Digital Rights Management (DRM) are important concerns.

  • Analyzes VoIP and videoconferencing carried over Secure RTP (SRTP)
  • Analyzes TCP streaming video carried over TLS (HTTPS)

4G LTE Mobile Video & Voice

Embedded or installed on mobile smartphones and tablets, SQlive reports real-time user QoE scores including Voice and Video MOS, performance metrics and diagnostics for every mobile video session and VoIP call. Use SQlive to continually track service quality, proactively identify and troubleshoot problems before large numbers of users are affected.

Video Streaming & IPTV

SQlive runs quietly and efficiently on streaming media players and IP set-top boxes, providing a wide range of diagnostic metrics and channel information for both encrypted and unencrypted video sessions. Get accurate video MOS scores, video frame and content analysis, buffering statistics, detailed measurements of packet loss, jitter, delay, throughput and much more, reported directly from each subscriber premises in real time.

IP Videoconferencing

SQlive integrates with IP videoconferencing/ HD telepresence systems and desktop videoconferencing applications, non-intrusively analyzing and reporting on the quality and performance of live video calls. With SQlive, you can easily monitor video and audio session quality in real time, and get intelligent, actionable data to quickly isolate and eliminate performance problems before they become serious.

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