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Next Generation Performance Management Application

SQmediator's Dashboard Web User Interface

SQmediator® Symphony is a suite of performance management applications for Voice over IP and IP videoconferencing.  SQmediator is a sophisticated multi-user management system that supports both passive QoE monitoring and active testing, and provides per-location or per-customer dashboards.

  • SQmediator Service Provider Edition is a highly scalable multi-server management application that supports multiple services, aggregation for customer locations, and a web services API for integration with back-end applications. The Service Provider Edition supports millions of subscribers and thousands of customer locations.
  • SQmediator Enterprise Edition is a scalable multi-server management application for large enterprise, providing aggregation by location, SNMP trap generation and Email alerts.  The Enterprise Edition supports hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of locations.
  • SQmediator Business Edition is a cost effective single-server management application for mid-sized enterprise and call centers, supporting thousands of users and hundreds of locations.
  • SQmediator Small Business Edition is a low cost single-server management application for single location businesses with hundreds of users.

All editions of SQmediator support definition of service quality thresholds, SNMP trap and email alert generation, secure multi-user browser based user interface, advanced interactive dashboards with rapid drill down for troubleshooting individual calls and a range of other features.

SQmediator is the first performance management application to support the new RFC 6035 collector function that allows IP phones and gateways to report end-to-end QoE through SIP.  SQmediator supports Telchemy’s SQprobe® embedded software probe, SQlive mobile handset agent, DVQattest® active test agent, and the Telchemy APP series of network appliances for active testing or passive monitoring.

SQmediator can be used with IP phones and gateways produced by several major equipment manufacturers. Click any logo below to download a brief Solution Guide (.pdf) describing how SQmediator can be used with that company's products as an integrated solution for real-time voice quality monitoring. For information about SQmediator compatibility with other products, please contact us.

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SQmediator can control DVQattest active test agents and APP-DVQ-5/10/50/100/200 active test appliances, initiating on-demand or scheduled tests and collecting and displaying test results. Test agents can be associated with customers, locations, network entities or equipment, allowing test results to be correlated and displayed on the SQmediator Dashboard. SQmediator supports active tests for VoIP, videoconferencing, Web, email, DNS, DHCP and IP transport.

The SQmediator Dashboard features color-coded, interactive charts that provide an immediate view of recent and historical call quality, volume, and problem or alert conditions that indicate quality degradation. Users can easily identify bad calls and drill down into detailed metrics and diagnostic information that help rapidly determine the root cause of quality problems.

Automatic Correlation of Data by Customer, Location, Site, and other Groups with Individual Dashboards

SQmediator automatically aggregates call quality by customer, location and other equipment or network groups, providing a dashboard for each site or group. Sites or groups with problems are automatically highlighted to make targeted problem detection quicker and easier.

Multiple Service Support adds Flexibility for Service Providers with Individual Dashboards

SQmediator Service Provider Edition allows multiple services of a given type to be created - for example Hosted PBX and Managed VoIP services - allowing different quality thresholds to be applied to each. Customers can be assigned to a Service, the associated quality thresholds are automatically applied to customer traffic allowing a targeted alert to be generated for any location with problems.

Convenient Dashboard Interface with Real-time Interactive Charts

SQmediator's Web user interface provides a real-time dashboard layout that makes it easy to monitor call performance across the network, and to quickly identify potential problem conditions and view system alerts. Interactive charts are color-coded to provide an immediate visual indication of call quality and volume, and permit fast "drill-down" into detailed report data for selected groups of calls or individual calls.

SQmediator Expert Diagnostics

Expert Diagnosis of Problem Conditions

For each monitored call, SQmediator provides Expert Diagnostics: a straightforward text diagnosis of quality and performance that helps to expedite problem resolution and can be easily understood even by less technically-experienced support staff. (See example at right.)

Real-time Quality Scores and Performance Metrics

SQmediator reports perceptual quality scores and a wide range of diagnostic data based on reports received from endpoints. Key reported metrics include:

  • Call ID, URI/phone number, IP address
  • Listening and Conversational Quality MOS scores (MOS-LQ, MOS-CQ)
  • Packet loss and discard
  • Burst and Gap loss/discard statistics
  • PPDV and MAPDV jitter levels
  • Delay
  • Video, Audio, and Audio-Video MOS scores for Videoconferencing (MOS-V, MOS-A, MOS-AV)
  • Video Stream Metrics - frame size, frame rate, codec type, GoP structure and length
  • I/B/P Frame Metrics - count/proportion of frames received, impaired, containing packets received/lost/discarded
  • Signaling performance metrics - call registration, setup, and failure statistics from SIP sessions
  • Call configuration data - codec type, frame size, etc.

Immediate Problem Notification with SNMP Traps and E-mail Alerts

SQmediator can generate both SNMP and e-mail alert notifications to notify network personnel of problem conditions. Email alert preferences can be configured by severity and on a per-user basis.


For more information, read the SQmediator Product Brochure or contact Telchemy.


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