High performance virtualized software probe
for voice, video and data

Service performance from a shared perspective.

Counting lost packets doesn't tell you whether end users are happy or frustrated. SQprobe analyzes and reports on the quality of every voice and video call, streaming video session and data session from the user's point of view.

  • Accurate, immediate QoE scores including Voice, Video and Audio MOS
  • Supports the broadest range of voice, video and audio codecs

A wealth of information from a single solution.

Get the critical information needed to manage and troubleshoot IP network applications and services in real time. SQprobe gives you DPI, service quality metrics, network usage and demographic data, in one affordable application.

  • Analyzes media, SIP signaling and data
  • Voice and video metrics, analytics, KPIs and QoE scores
  • Detailed Layer 2, 3 and 4 packet statistics and IP session metrics
  • Usage data for specified network applications and services (e.g. SIP, HTTP, YouTube, Skype)

Network traffic is growing. Be ready.

As networks grow in complexity and scale, so does the task of ensuring the performance of critical data and real-time communications.

SQprobe scales from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps capacity, based on available CPU resources and configured capacity limits. Specially designed for high performance in multicore architectures, SQprobe can process 1-2 million packets per second per core.

  • Up to 10 GigE monitoring interface
  • Monitor from 5 up to 50,000 calls simultaneously
  • Less expensive per MB / per call than other probes
  • Supports IPv4, IPv6, Stacked VLANs (Q, QinQ, QinQinQ)

Solutions should mean choices, not chains.

Traditional hardware probes tie you to one vendor's platform. When capacity needs grow, upgrading often means replacing costly hardware.

SQprobe is a pure software application that can be deployed in virtualized environments or on inexpensive server hardware. To scale capacity, SQprobe can simply be reconfigured or redeployed on a faster server.

Virtualized probe for evolving virtualized networks.

Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking are quickly transforming the network paradigm, and conventional hardware probes are poorly suited for use in these new, dynamic network environments. SQprobe is a pure software probe that can be deployed as a VM image, providing dynamic performance management that adapts as quickly as the network.

Let SQprobe read between the lines.

VoIP, videoconferencing and IPTV are often encrypted for reasons of security or digital rights management. Because the content is obscured, measuring the quality of encrypted media can be a significant challenge.

SQprobe is uniquely designed to analyze encrypted VoIP and videoconferencing over Secure RTP and scrambled IPTV streams without decryption, making it the clear choice for managing the performance of secure communications and protected media content.

VoIP & Videoconferencing

SQprobe analyzes the quality of live VoIP and videoconferencing calls in real time, producing detailed analytics including QoE scores (Voice and Video MOS), decoded SIP signaling information and an extensive set of diagnostic metrics for every call. Built for ultra high performance, SQprobe can monitor up to thousands of VoIP calls and multiple HD video sessions, even when voice and video streams are encrypted.

Video Streaming & IPTV

SQprobe provides extensive real-time performance feedback for OTT and IPTV content delivery, including video/audio MOS, detailed network transport metrics and a comprehensive analysis of video frame structure and buffering behavior. Designed to support the latest codecs and streaming protocols used by popular content providers, SQprobe can even analyze the quality of DRM-encrypted content without decryption.

Data Analytics

SQprobe analyzes IP network data traffic in real time and produces comprehensive Layer 2, 3 and 4 packet metrics and detailed usage statistics for user IP sessions, network applications and services. SQprobe can monitor data concurrently with VoIP and video calls, or can be deployed as a standalone solution for network data analysis.

The SQprobe Software|Virtual|Scalability Advantage

SQprobe Conventional Hardware Probes
  Deploys efficiently in virtualized data centers, saving space and power   Waste dedicated rack space and power on single-purpose hardware
  Can leverage shared server platforms, reducing hardware churn   Hardware requires maintenance and replacement
  Easily scale capacity by redeploying SQprobe onto a faster server   Need to replace hardware to scale capacity
  Embeds directly into network equipment as a VM-based or native application   Can't embed into network equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SQprobe?
SQprobe is a high performance IP network probe provided as an installable software application, which is specially engineered to analyze and report on the performance of voice, video and data services. It passively monitors network traffic at very high speeds, providing detailed QoE and performance measurements for individual VoIP calls and video sessions, and a comprehensive range of network usage, diagnostics and demographic data.
What metrics does SQprobe provide?
Key measurements provided by SQprobe include Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) for VoIP calls and video conferencing sessions, packet loss, jitter and delay metrics, decoded SIP signaling information and many more. Used for network data analysis, SQprobe reports extensive performance and usage statistics for individual VLANs and UDP, TCP, TLS and IPSEC flows, along with volumes of key traffic types (e.g. HTTP) and volume of data by service provider for top video content providers and network-based services. For a complete list of reported metrics, please contact us.
How do I view metrics from SQprobe?
SQprobe sends quality reports to Telchemy's SQmediator performance management application, a multi-user management system that supports both passive monitoring and active testing.
Do I need special hardware to run SQprobe?
No. SQprobe is a pure software application that can run on off-the-shelf Linux server hardware or as a virtual application on a Linux VM. It is not tied to any proprietary vendor hardware.
Will SQprobe make my network slower?
No. SQprobe is a passive monitoring solution that is designed not to increase network load. SQprobe quality reports are small (less than 4 Kbytes) and are designed to have minimal impact on bandwidth.
How many calls can SQprobe monitor at one time?
It depends on the system configuration and type of calls being monitored. SQprobe can handle from 5 Mbps up to 10 Gbps of call traffic, based on product licensing and available resources such as number of CPU cores. For example, SQprobe typically supports from 100 concurrent G.711 calls on a single core ARM/MIPS platform, up to 50,000 calls on zero copy NIC hardware with 8-16 CPU cores. For details on support for specific environments, please contact us.
Can I use SQprobe to run tests?
SQprobe is a passive probe designed to monitor the performance of live voice and video calls and data sessions. DVQattest is Telchemy's distributed active testing and troubleshooting application. SQprobe and DVQattest are complementary solutions that are both supported for use with SQmediator.
Is SQprobe hard to set up?
No. Some familiarity with Linux shell commands is recommended, but SQprobe's installation guide will walk even less experienced users through installing and configuring the software.
Where do I deploy SQprobe?
SQprobe is typically connected to the SPAN/mirror port of an Ethernet switch through which the voice, video and data traffic to be monitored passes. If needed, Telchemy can provide guidance on where to deploy SQprobe in your network.
If I want to add more features later, do I have to install new software?
No. SQprobe's features and capacity limits can typically be modified by applying a new license key.
Is there a hardware version of SQprobe?
Yes. Telchemy now offers purpose-built network appliances preloaded with SQprobe software. For more information, please contact us.

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