Telchemy provides world-class support for our suite of superior performance management software products and embedded technologies.
Customers can directly access a host of information using our online customer portal, and our support engineers are ready to answer technical questions and help guide you through the process of designing, deploying and managing your Telchemy solution or integrating Telchemy software into your products or applications. For hands-on support, we offer optional web-based or on-site training in the use of our products.

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If you are an existing Telchemy customer and have a technical question or require assistance with a Telchemy product, please log into the online Customer Portal and submit a support ticket.

Email or Phone Contact

If you require product support and do not have a Customer Portal account, please click the following link to send an email message to Telchemy Support using our online contact form:

or call us directly at:

Tel: +1-678-387-3000
Toll Free: 1-866-TELCHEMY (1-866-835-2436)

Application Notes

Telchemy's library of free downloadable documents offers a brief introduction to VoIP and IP Video performance management concepts and terminology, along with guidelines for managing media service quality in specific network environments.

VoIP and IPTV Troubleshooter

Visit Telchemy's VoIP Troubleshooter and IPTV Troubleshooter websites for useful, free information on diagnosing a wide range of common Voice over IP and IPTV performance problems.

VoIP Troubleshooter
IPTV Troubleshooter