Unified Communications

Performance Management for the modern Enterprise

Manage business critical Voice over IP and IP Videoconferencing
services with Telchemy's UC solutions.

Manage business critical Voice over IP and IP Videoconferencing services with Telchemy's UC solutions.

Telchemy's real-time application performance monitoring provides deep insight into Voice/Video service performance
and fast notification of problems, with the unique ability to monitor encrypted voice and video communications.

Managing Performance with QoE-enabled Phones and Handsets

Many IP phones and gateways have the ability to directly report VoIP call quality (QoE) using the SIP RFC6035 protocol to Telchemy's SQmediator® without the use of probes. SQmediator collects and correlates these reports, providing real-time dashboards that can drill down to locations or even buildings. As architect of the industry's VoIP performance management standards and an author of this protocol, Telchemy has been the pioneer of this scalable and cost-effective performance management solution.

Probe-based Passive Monitoring of VoIP and Videoconferencing

Telchemy's advanced SQprobe® monitors live VoIP and IP Videoconferencing flows, analyzing SIP signaling and providing deep diagnostics on every voice and video call. SQprobe is uniquely able to analyze encrypted voice and videoconferencing streams, ensuring that even secure business critical services can still be managed. SQprobe scales to Gigabit rates, supporting IPv4, IPv6 and stacked VLANs.

Active Testing Ensures Networks are Robust and Speeds Troubleshooting

Active testing uses synthetic VoIP, IP Videoconferencing and network tests to verify that the network infrastructure will support reliable services. Telchemy's DVQattest® active test agents generate real-world VoIP and Videoconferencing calls, test IP network performance and test SIP proxies, DNS, DHCP, Mail and Web servers. This detects problems before they impact users and provides a powerful troubleshooting tool.

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