Advanced VoIP, Video Streaming,
and IPTV Trace Analysis

Real-time analytics from a reliable source.

VQcapture is a network trace analysis tool powered by VQmon®, Telchemy's industry-leading performance monitoring technology.

  • Imports MPEG2-TS and packet capture files
  • Detects and analyzes the performance of voice, video, audio and data streams
  • Generates per-stream perceptual quality scores and detailed performance metrics
  • Straightforward command-line operation (Linux or Windows)
  • View metrics in the system console or export to file (text or CSV)

Media quality from the user's perspective.

VQcapture provides accurate, real-time QoE scores using Telchemy's VQmon® perceptual quality algorithm, which models the impact of time-varying and transient impairments on user experience.

  • Listening and Conversational Quality Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) and R-factors for voice streams
  • Video, Audio and Audiovisual MOS
  • Easily track user-perceived quality for every VoIP / video call, streaming video session and IPTV session
  • Extensively benchmarked against subjective test data for guaranteed accuracy

Analyze performance while keeping content secure.

VQcapture is uniquely able to monitor the quality of encrypted / scrambled video and voice over IP without decryption.

  • Analyzes VoIP and videoconferencing streams carried over Secure RTP (SRTP)
  • Analyzes TCP streaming video carried over TLS (HTTPS)

Powerful, but not difficult.

VQcapture is a compact executable that can be run directly from the Linux or Windows command line, with no need for installation or complex configuration.

  • Straightforward operation - run from the system console
  • Configure on the fly with optional command arguments
  • View metrics immediately as command-line output, or export as text or CSV file
  • Generates summary reports and interval reports

A truly voracious reader.

VQcapture has the ability to import and analyze many common file types, including:

  • MPEG2-TS
  • .cap, .pcap
  • Wireshark PcapNG
  • Finisar/Shomiti Surveyor
  • Network General Sniffer (uncompressed)
  • Network Associates Sniffer Pro (uncompressed)
  • Sun Snoop (RFC 1761)

One application, many possibilities.

VQcapture's modular software architecture and simple licensing model ensure a custom fit for your performance monitoring or test environment.

  • Supports voice, video, streaming video, data analysis, or a combination of services
  • License only the features you need
  • Unlock features using a license key

Voice over IP Analysis

VQcapture provides an essential tool for VoIP quality monitoring, detecting and analyzing up to thousands of individual concurrent VoIP calls and reporting QoE scores (including Listening and Conversational Quality MOS and R-factors) and a full set of call and network performance metrics for both streams (i.e. directions) of each call. Codec, jitter buffer configuration and analog metrics (signal, noise and echo levels) can be autodetected or configured manually.

Video Streaming Analysis

VQcapture analyzes the performance of video streamed over TCP, reporting real-time QoE scores (including Video and Audio MOS), extensive video frame and packet statistics, playout buffer information and other detailed performance metrics. With support for a broad range of video and audio codecs and streaming protocols - including adaptive bitrate protocols used by Apple, Microsoft, Google, Netflix and others - VQcapture is unique in its ability to analyze the quality of encrypted media streams without decryption.

IPTV and IP Videoconferencing Analysis

VQcapture provides in-depth performance analysis for IPTV and IP Videoconferencing sessions, including precise perceptual quality scores (MOS) for video and audio streams, as well as detailed measurements of packet loss, jitter, delay, bandwidth and other impairment factors. It offers critical support for managing the performance of DRM protected IPTV video content and secure videoconferencing, providing the ability to monitor and analyze the quality of both unencrypted and scrambled / encrypted video streams.

Data Analysis

VQcapture analyzes network data flows for multiple interfaces and VLANs, reporting detailed Layer 2/3/4 packet statistics and traffic/usage data for a range of user-definable applications (such as Web, Email, SIP, FTP, DNS) and services (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) In addition, it tracks individual IP sessions/flows and identifies the top or worst performing flows based on a number of performance metrics including packet volume, number of ICMP errors, peak bandwidth, and TCP round-trip delay.

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