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Spirent Selects Telchemy's VQmon/HD for IPTV Analysis

Atlanta, GA, 11 March 2008 - Telchemy®, Incorporated, the global leader in Voice and Video over IP fault and performance management technology, announced that Spirent Communications has licensed Telchemy's VQmon/HD IPTV performance analysis software with Telchemy Video Quality Metrics (TVQM(TM)) for use in their Video Quality Analyze (VQA) IPTV test tool. This allows service providers and network equipment manufacturers to measure video quality and a wide range of video related metrics.

VQmon/HD is a highly efficient, fast and compact software agent that monitors IP based video streams in real-time, measures the distribution of lost and discarded IP packets within each video frame, examines the type of codec and video bandwidth, estimates video content, computes per-frame video quality and uses a perceptual model to calculate IPTV QoE metrics such as Video MOS. VQmon/HD produces the comprehensive TVQM set of video metrics.

"We are pleased to be working with Spirent Communications to introduce high performance video test tools to the industry," said Alan Clark, Telchemy's CEO and President. "Spirent is one of the leading providers of telecom test equipment, and are aggressively focused on the emerging IPTV market."

"We selected Telchemy's VQmon/HD with TVQM technology as it provides comprehensive, accurate real-time metrics for IPTV," said Jack Douglass, Director of Video Technology at Spirent Communications. "Telchemy is the established leader in the IPTV and VoIP performance analysis market, and we are pleased to extend our relationship to encompass both VQmon/HD for IPTV and VQmon/SA for VoIP."

VQmon is the most widely deployed technology for VoIP and IPTV analysis with over 50 million copies of VQmon licensed by over 90 test, network and CPE equipment vendors. VQmon can be integrated into VoIP and IPTV probes, analyzers and hand held test tools, routers, IP phones, gateways, session/border controllers, residential gateways, IP set top boxes, soft clients, NIDs and other devices.