Telchemy software has been widely implemented across a large customer base, with hundreds of millions of units of VQmon® Embedded Device Analytics™ technology deployed around the world since 2001. Telchemy's extensive industry presence has made us the market leader, and enables us to deliver software products that are thoroughly tested, hardened and proven in the field. Telchemy products are accurate, secure and reliable, providing the tools you need to manage application performance with confidence.


VQmon® is the most widely deployed and trusted technology for analyzing the performance of IP based voice and video services. VQmon is highly compact and resource efficient, and can be integrated into a wide range of environments including routers, business and residential networking and telecom equipment, soft clients and test equipment.


VQmon®/EP is the most widely deployed and trusted performance monitoring/analytics technology for desktop IP phones, residential gateways, mobile handsets and other VoIP endpoints. It monitors the quality of live calls in real time, providing listening and conversational quality QoE scores (MOS and R-factor) and detailed diagnostics as raw metrics, RTCP XR (RFC 3611) and SIP Voice Quality reports (RFC 6035).


SQmediator® is an advanced active/passive monitoring system engineered to proactively manage the end-to-end performance of a range of network applications, including Voice over IP, IP Videoconferencing, Web and Email. Its multi-service, multi-tenant architecture supports advanced data aggregation, one-click custom dashboards for customers and locations, per-metric service thresholds, real-time alerts, and a web services API for integration with external management systems.


SQprobe® is an advanced high speed probe designed for emerging software defined (SDN) and virtualized networks. It monitors IP based voice, video, audio and data streams at Gigabit rates, performing deep packet inspection (DPI) and providing accurate and detailed real time service quality metrics, usage and demographic data.


SQlive™ is compact, ready-to-install software for monitoring the performance of streaming video, IPTV and Voice over IP. Compact and highly resource efficient, SQlive can be embedded into mobile handsets, media players, set-top boxes, home gateways and other CPE and end system devices.


DVQattest® is a high performance active test and troubleshooting application for proactive management of VoIP, IP Videoconferencing, web, email and other network services and applications. Its compact software test agents run unobtrusively on VMs, routers, servers, PCs, and mobile devices, providing in-depth analysis of voice, video and data performance anywhere in the network at any time.


VQcapture™ is a streamlined packet capture import and analysis utility incorporating Telchemy's VQmon® performance monitoring technology. It offers a simple yet sophisticated CLI-based tool for analyzing the performance of VoIP calls and IP video sessions, and can provide comprehensive Layer 2/3/4 packet metrics and traffic/usage statistics for a range of network applications and services.

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