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Telchemy's VQmon Measures Quality of Video Streaming Services

Enables Mobile Handset, Network Equipment and Test Equipment vendors to easily integrate Video Streaming performance analysis

Duluth, GA, 29th September 2011. Telchemy Incorporated, the leading provider of VoIP and IP Video performance management technology, today announced the release of VQmon for Streaming Video, which sets a new standard for measuring the quality of video streaming services. VQmon performs real time analysis of video streamed using the key Adobe, Apple and Microsoft streaming protocols, analyzes video quality and buffering performance and reports detailed performance and Quality of Experience metrics.

Streaming video services can suffer from a wide range of quality problems. Video servers may be overloaded, networks can be congested, video resolution may be low and video may arrive too slowly which leads to gaps in playout. Video services may also dynamically change resolution or encoded bandwidth in order to optimize performance. Both video content providers and network service providers need to understand how streaming services such as YouTube and Hulu are performing in order to ensure a good user experience, and VQmon can measure quality and pinpoint significant problems.

VQmon analyzes the TCP stream carrying the video, the playout buffer dynamics and the video stream itself. Analysis of the TCP stream provides key information on network bandwidth, the impact of congestion and server performance. Real time emulation of the playout buffer allows buffer fill and empty rates to be measured, and detects if buffer levels get too low, which leads to gaps in playout. Video stream analysis provides video quality estimation and key information on the encoded stream. VQmon computes MOS scores (measures of QoE) that reflect video encoding parameters, video resolution and playout gaps using an advanced perceptual model. VQmon is fast and efficient, and can be integrated directly into network equipment, routers, handsets, client applications and test equipment to enable monitoring of live video sessions while using only a very small fraction of the available processor and memory resources.

The VQmon product family comprises a range of QoE measurement modules for Voice over IP, Videoconferencing, IPTV and TCP Video Streaming, and has been licensed to over 140 equipment vendors. Video support has been available in VQmon since early 2005 and this new TCP Video Streaming module leverages VQmon's renowned accuracy and extensive field experience.

VQmon is protected by five granted and multiple pending patent applications, including US6,741,569, US7,058,048, US 7,075,981 and US7,869,377 and associated international patents.

The new VQmon Video Streaming module is available immediately. For more information, see our VQmon page or contact Telchemy Sales.

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