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Telchemy Named to Pulver 100 for Third Successive Year

Telchemy Recognized Third Year In a Row For World Class VoIP Fault and Performance Technology and Contributions To Emerging Real-Time Multimedia Services

Melville, New York, - September 27, 2004 -- Telchemy®, Incorporated, the global leader in real-time VoIP Performance Management software, today announced that it has been named to the 2004 "pulver 100," the VoIP industry's premiere listing of privately held growth companies that represent the future of the communications ecosystem. Telchemy has been named to the list three years in a row based on the company's state of the art VoIP Fault and Performance Management technology -- specifically its VQmon® and SQmon™ families of call quality monitoring and analysis software - and Telchemy's many contributions in the area of industry standards promoting the increased adoption of VoIP across real-time multimedia services.

Telchemy's VQmon technology provides fast, accurate, real-time analysis of VoIP calls, generating call quality metrics, including: listening and conversational quality scores and detailed diagnostic information on the severity and distribution of packet loss, discards and jitter. VQmon is the first standards-based call quality monitoring software to support the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 3611 (RTCP XR) Protocol and the new QoS reporting protocols for International Telecommunications Union's H.323, H.248 and G.799.1 standards.

SQmon is a family of modular OEM software applications that includes sophisticated probe and mediation/aggregation functions. These functions provide network equipment and performance management system vendors with a scalable, flexible "leading edge" solution that integrates quickly and easily with both reporting applications and VQmon enabled IP phones and gateways.

"2004 has been the year of VoIP - due in large part to companies like Telchemy, Incorporated that have supported the growth of Voice over IP communications via their innovative, standards-based VQmon and SQmon call quality and performance management technology," said Jeff Pulver, CEO of "We're proud to name Telchemy for the third year in a row to the pulver 100."

About the Pulver 100

Originally introduced in 2002, the pulver 100 features private companies in the communications sector that have substantial real-world deployments and enjoy significant growth rates. The value chain characterized by pulver 100 differs from the vertically integrated telecom model of the last century, focusing more on a networking-industry model that espouses open interfaces, connectivity decoupled from services, and software decoupled from hardware. For additional details on the 2004 pulver 100, please visit: