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Telchemy Introduces VoIP Troubleshooter Web Site, with Open Speech Repository Database Provides Free Call Quality Information and Online Diagnostic Tools For Network Managers, Including an Open Repository of Speech Files

SUWANEE, Ga.--Sept. 13, 2004--Telchemy,(R) Incorporated, the global leader in real-time VoIP Performance Management software, today introduced an updated, expanded and redesigned Web site. Sponsored by Telchemy, the site contains information and online diagnostic tools for network managers to use when investigating and resolving VoIP-related call quality problems. The site also contains background information, published articles and other useful references/links about voice quality, VoIP Performance Management and packet statistics.

Live today, includes over 60 pages of diagnostic information related to VoIP call quality. Two new features include: an Open Speech Repository, i.e., data base, and an IP Network Impairment Simulator. The Open Speech Repository provides high quality audio recordings of speech files in several different languages that test engineers can use for testing and related applications without any restrictions, except for source credit. The repository currently includes voice files in American and British English using Harvard Phonetically Balanced Sentences. Additional languages -- Chinese (Mandarin), French, Hindi, Japanese and Spanish -- will be added over the next several weeks. Another important feature of the Open Speech Repository is that industry and academic researchers can contribute speech files to the site.'s IP Network Impairment Simulator provides network administrators with a method of modeling packet-related network problems, i.e., jitter and delay, LAN/WAN congestion and backbone and route changes, that is scenario-based instead of the more conventional statistical approach to modeling. This method enables administrators and technicians to simulate a network environment with congestion under extremely realistic conditions.

"Since industry education and customer support are two cornerstones of Telchemy's mission, we felt that it was important to provide users of VoIP services, especially network administrators and test engineers, with resources that they can use when resolving IP call quality related network problems," said Alan Clark, President and CEO of Telchemy, Incorporated. "Our goal for is to provide an interactive site that helps users both diagnose and resolve these problems using helpful informational tools and shared resources."

Clark encourages other companies to join Telchemy in co-sponsoring the site as well as urges individual users and network administrators to share experiences and problem solutions that worked for them. A Forum will be added to the site within the next few weeks.