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Tollgrade Licenses Telchemy Technology for Cable Telephony Monitoring Application


Suwanee, GA, (June 16, 2004) Tollgrade Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLGD), a leader in communications test and management solutions for telecom and cable broadband providers and Telchemy® Incorporated, the global leader in real-time VoIP Performance Management software, today announced an exclusive license for Telchemy's VQattest™ active call quality monitoring and analysis software, which incorporates VQmon/SA , for use in Tollgrade's Cheetah™ IP Service Assurance Solution. The arrangement applies to fixed monitoring and test units in the HFC cable distribution network. By layering Telchemy's VQmon technology on the Cheetah DOCSIS® transponders distributed throughout cable company networks, Tollgrade's Cheetah IP solution will use active test calls that verify cable telephony system performance and support rapid detection of VoIP service quality problems.

Tollgrade's Cheetah product line provides HFC, DOCSIS, and IP fault/performance monitoring solutions that enable technicians to significantly increase their plant operation efficiency. Cheetah systems are designed to meet all of the cable operator's monitoring demands and provide efficient end-to-end solutions that notify users of equipment failure instantly, warn of impending service interruptions and verify equipment status remotely.

VQattest is an active VoIP testing technology that provides fast, accurate, real-time analysis of VoIP calls, generating call quality metrics, including: listening and conversational quality scores and detailed diagnostic information on the severity and distribution of packet loss, discards and jitter. VQmon is the first standards-based VoIP call quality monitoring software to be widely deployed in the Cable Telephony industry.

"By embedding VQattest with VQmon/SA software in their Cheetah solution, Tollgrade will provide sophisticated, standards-based VoIP fault and performance management for the rapidly expanding cable telephony market, said Alan Clark, President and CEO of Telchemy, Incorporated. "We believe that our relationship with Tollgrade will result in widespread deployment of VQmon throughout the Cable industry and help cable system operators to deliver reliable telephony services to their customers."

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