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Telchemy and Trinity Convergence Announce Strategic Relationship to Enhance VoIP Solutions

Telchemy Inc., a provider in embedded, VoIP call quality monitoring agents, and the emerging field of non-intrusive VoIP Quality of Experience (QoE) analysis, and Trinity Convergence, a provider of packet voice and fax solutions for the converged telecommunications market, announced they have entered into a strategic alliance to simplify and enhance the implementation of call quality monitoring and management agents in VoIP end systems.

Under terms of the agreement, Trinity will integrate Telchemy's VQmon modeling subagent into VeriCall, its complete and fully integrated packet telephony software framework.

The agreement addresses what industry analysts have identified as a major obstacle to mass acceptance of VoIP services: measuring end-user perception of call quality. "VoIP will require critical enhancements in network management," said Dennis Drogseth, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates. "One of these will be a more robust approach to measuring Quality of Experience (QoE). The integration of Trinity's VeriCall software and Telchemy's VQmon/EP modeling software on the DSP demonstrates this trend. It provides an elegant solution towards a simpler, more meaningful and automated metric of network performance as it impacts VoIP user experience."

Telchemy's subagent models the way that network impairments vary in time and during the course of a VoIP call. The distribution of time varying impairments, such as burst packet loss, are collected by the VQmon subagent and supplied to Telchemy's embedded VQmon/EP agent software to provide a clear and simple scores of call quality as seen by the network and perceived by the end-user. VQmon/EP also provides detailed statistics to help in problem analysis and isolation.

According to Jeff Critser, president and CEO, Trinity Convergence, "VoIP call quality monitoring is a major requirement for effective VoIP system implementation. Telchemy's VQmon is extremely lightweight, computationally efficient, and exerts negligible overhead on the system. And as an emerging standard, VQmon offers both unique value-add and the confidence of a standard approach to our customers, who are working to provide the best possible solutions to their customers."

Trinity provides highly integrated embedded software solutions for developers of next generation, converged network equipment. Providing an embedded distributed software framework with a complete set of system controller, DSP and packet processor resources, Trinity is leading the charge to reduce the complexity of implementing high-channel density VoIP equipment designs.

Alan Clark, CEO and founder of Telchemy, said, "Trinity's integration of VQmon technology with VeriCall presents an excellent opportunity for VoIP end system manufacturers to enhance their solutions in a very significant way with very little effort. Trinity has recognized the need for call quality monitoring capabilities in providing a complete solution and we are very pleased to be a part of that solution." Clark further stated, "Accurate and real-time call quality in VoIP continues to be an extremely important consideration for driving the growth of the market."

VQmon agent technology significantly extends the ITU and ETSI E Model planning tool with sophisticated network monitoring technology. VQmon/EP is specifically designed to run in a variety of DSP and microprocessor environments in VoIP end-systems, such as media gateways, IP Phones, and IP PBXs. VQmon technology provides a more accurate measure of listener call-quality and the first passive monitor to measure conversational call-quality, for "all" calls on the network in real time. It is also the first technology to model the bursty nature of IP networks and its effect on end-user perception. VQmon/EP also provides detailed statistics for problem analysis and isolation.

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