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Telchemy's VQmon Selected by Brix Networks

Telchemy's Powerful VoIP Call-Quality Monitor Technology To Be Integrated as Part of Brix Networks' Internet Performance Management and Service Assurance Solutions

ATLANTA (August 14, 2001) - Telchemy, Inc. announced today that VQmon/SA, a member of Telchemy's VQmon family of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call-quality monitoring products, has been selected by Brix Networks and will be incorporated into that company's Internet performance management and service assurance platform. VQmon/SA will allow Brix Networks-and its service provider customers-to offer call-quality metrics for VoIP-based service level agreements (SLAs).

The Telchemy technology measures voice call-quality more accurately than previously possible, for all calls and in real time. It is the only technology that measures time-varying network impairments and recency. VQmon then models their effects on call-quality and provides two key SLA metrics: Network and User-perceived call-quality factors.

Voice call-quality measurement and SLA verification are key enablers for the growth of VoIP. VQmon technology helps providers offer the maximum number of calls using the least amount of resources for a specified call-quality service level. Enterprise users can benefit from major capital and network management cost reductions while service providers can benefit from increased call duration, customer retention, and customer satisfaction without over-provisioning their networks.

"We are very pleased that Brix Networks, an acknowledged leader in the service assurance market, is integrating VQmon as a key component of its call-quality monitoring technology," said Dr. Alan Clark, president and founder of Telchemy. "Service providers are concerned that the quality of VoIP calls has been less predictable than that delivered by the PSTN network. As a result, providers have a critical need to measure and verify the performance of their VoIP services. By making VQmon an integral part of its performance monitoring solution, Brix Networks has aggressively moved to solve this problem."

According to Jamie Warter, vice president of marketing and business development at Brix Networks, "We continue to see strong interest in our solutions from providers of VoIP services. And we strongly believe that the ability to proactively measure and verify VoIP services will greatly accelerate the adoption rate of this technology. By incorporating Telchemy's unique VQmon technology into our service assurance offering, providers can manage their VoIP services in real time, avoid costly over-provisioning, increase call duration, raise customer satisfaction, and improve subscriber retention."

VQmon is a family of lightweight, computationally efficient, embedded voice quality monitors that can accurately examine all calls made using VoIP networks in real-time. It is written in the C programming language, is platform independent, which allows easy integration into VoIP gateways and platforms, communications servers, IP phones, testers, analyzers, probes and other VoIP-related equipment, and has negligible impact on DSP, host processor, or system performance.

About Brix Networks

Founded in July 1999, Brix Networks develops and markets products and services that verify the quality and real-time performance of advanced, Internet-based services. The Chelmsford, Mass.-based company's SLA monitoring and measurement offerings consist of a family of hardware-based verifier platforms that are seamlessly integrated with a highly scalable central site software application. These solutions help carriers and service providers understand the overall operation of their networks, and establish strong, trusting relationships with their customers by providing proactive, end-to-end SLA verification. Additional information about Brix Networks can be found on the company's Web site at, and by calling 978-367-5600, or 1-888-BRIXNET.