Mobile Network
Performance Management

Mobile Network

Telchemy's mobile handset-based agent technology provides true end-to-end performance data.

Telchemy's active test and passive monitoring agent technology can be directly integrated into mobile handsets, providing a true end-user view of service quality.

Voice & Video Quality Monitoring

Mobile networks are extremely dynamic and sensitive to a range of problems, including packet loss and excessive jitter, that can affect the quality of voice and video. Impairments are often intermittent, making it difficult to track down and diagnose the root cause of poor performance.

Telchemy's SQlive™ embedded software probe monitors service performance within the mobile handset, providing accurate QoE scores and critical diagnostics for every VoIP call and mobile video session. Our industry-leading VQmon® performance analysis technology can be directly integrated into softphones and other mobile apps to obtain a wealth of quality metrics and analytics for both voice and video.

Mobile Testing & Troubleshooting

Telchemy's DVQattest® active test agent is small, powerful and available as a mobile app. DVQattest is able to generate synthetic test traffic for voice, video and data services to verify network performance and troubleshoot problems.

Streaming Video Services

Mobile video is exploding in popularity as a rising number of consumers use their phones and tablets to watch video content streamed from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and other sources. Managing the performance of streaming video is particularly challenging in mobile networks, which are vulnerable to a long list of impairments that can impact video and audio quality. Telchemy's VQcapture™ is the most widely used technology for drive testing OTT video streamed over 4G mobile services, and is uniquely able to analyze the performance of encrypted video streaming services.

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